Why do some American flags have gold fringe?

Have you ever wondered why some flags have gold fringe?Most American flags feature 13 stripes and 50 stars, but some are embellished with gold fringe.The edges are covered with gold-colored material or fabric, which creates a unique appearance that is not found in traditional American flags.What is the purpose of the story behind this gold fringe?

Gold fringe has been used in American flags since the 1830s according to The American Legion.The Army used it in the late 1800s.Around this time, the U.S. Army began using American flags with gold fringe.There is a section about the gold fringe in the U.S. Army Regulation Code.The gold fringe should be used in American flags that are displayed indoors or outdoors.

You can look through the U.S.There is no mention of gold fringe in the federal law governing the display, maintenance and retirement of the American flag.There are not any older versions of the U.S.The current version of the U.S. flag code.The gold fringe is mentioned in the flag code.The U.S. is considered.You might be wondering why flag code doesn’t mention gold fringe, it’s designed for the American flag.It is not known why the U.S. is.The American flag’s gold fringe is not discussed in Flag Code.The gold fringe was used in the flags of the U.S. Army.

The most likely theory is that the gold fringe came from the U.S. Army.A court system that operates under martial law is called an admiralty court.The military court upholds law and order for civilians instead of the normal government or judicial system.There are American flags with gold fringe in courtrooms throughout the United States.The gold fringe doesn’t designate Admiralty courts.All of the lawsuits that claimed the gold fringe designates the Admiralty courts have been shot down.

The gold fringe on the American flag does not indicate anything.It can either be added to the American flag or left off.You can find gold-fringed American flags elsewhere, though it was originally used by the U.S. Army.

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