Why does the reaper have a sword?

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TheHandle is carved of wood and can be disassembled for storage or easier transport.

TheHandle is carved of wood and can be disassembled for storage or easier transport.

The Grim Reaper is feared by almost everyone.There are people who are still fascinated by the Grim Reaper, even though they are frightened by it.We have for you a brand new Grim Reaper Sickle to satisfy your curiosity and fascination.We tried to make it as realistic as possible, and as similar to the Grim Reaper’s scythe as we could.Even death will fear you if you hold this sickle.

Shinwa Black Knight Handmade Katana / Samurai Sword – Hand forged Black Damascus Steel – Razor Sharp, Full Tang – fully functional, Battle Ready, Ninja Sleek – Faux Ray Skin, Cord Wrap, Dragon Tsuba

The Honshu Midnight Forge Broadsword and Scabbard has a length of 43 1/2 inches.

The scabbard can be adjusted from 1 to 2 1/2 inches.

Honshu Boshin Katana – Modern Tactical Samurai / Ninja Sword – Hand forged Carbon Steel – Full Tang, fully functional, Battle Ready – Black TPR, Steel Guard, Pommel, Lanyard Hole

Night Watchman Heavy Duty Self-Defense Sword Cane is made of high carbon steel and aluminum.

The Honshu Boshin Grosse Messer Sword has a carbon steel blade and a textured handle.

The Honshu Broadsword has a scabbard with a high carbon steel blade.

I used this as a grim reaper prop.It is a great prop.I knew this would be a step above any other costume prop on the market, at a bargain price, having gotten multiple things from Budk in the past.I noticed how sharp the blade was when it arrived.The handle looked like a closet rod, but I’m not worried about it being functional.The blade is good.BudK’s pole arm weapon is not a full tang weapon.You can’t slice a pumpkin in half with one swing.The pole will fall on you.If children handle the blade themselves, they will still slice themselves up.There is no sheath, just a small triangle that fits over the tip.It’s exactly what I wanted at a price I couldn’t find elsewhere, so I give it 5 stars.

I got my scythe today and everything came together, thank you again truesword.

There are not many bad things to say about this massive Scythe.The blade is sturdy after being attached.The blade was dull on the edge.This was a great buy, even though it had weird gunk on the attachment piece.The pole-arm is strong and heavy and has a nice weight to it.

I got it for my girl friend and I think it’s worth more than the cost.

It is easy.This scythe is for sale.I haven’t seen a weapon like this in person in a long time.It’s tall, sturdy, and usable.I thought the staff would be too thin and bend if not broken, but it is thick and can be used as a pull up bar.The texture of the staff is meant for a better grip so just wear gloves.Gloves are always a good idea when handling art.Two feet of metal is what the blade is made of.If I had to use this weapon, I would trust my life.I disagree that it is not meant for actual use.I was worried that I would get a low quality weapon because of the low price.I stand corrected.It is strong.It’s easy to put together, and takes no time at all.If you like scythes, want to add it to a collection, or just like the look of it, you can buy it.You will be happy you did.There is only one thing I have to complain about, and that is that the page says it is called a sickle.It is a scythe.

I’ve been obsessed with the reaper for as long as I can remember but have never been able to find a decent replica, I have a bunch of field and hand scythes but they just don’t have the same impact.It was hard to line the blade up with the snath, but once I got it, it was time well spent.The look on my neighbors face when I walked it up the stairs was my favorite part.It is a must have.

Although it did crack at the center when I was swinging it around, I have been slicing boxes and the blade has not bent and doesn’t seem like it will anytime soon.I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another if it broke.

The scythe was perfect.Everything I wanted, tall and long blade.I could have hoped that the shipping would be quicker.

Before I found TrueSwords, I bought this on another site.$60 was what they wanted for it.Saving $30 was awesome.It’s definitely a display piece.It looks great in my room.5 stars.

This is my first item purchased from this site, yet it’s my last item to review.It’s the same height as I am.It was literally.It’s not in my bedroom, but in the “war room”, where it was good for scaring a friend or two.They think I will kill myself with it.If you’re looking for a just-plain-scarily-humongous weapon to add to your collection, this is the weapon for you.

I bought this item several months ago and I love it.Even though it was kept behind my door and I never took it out, everyone was able to find it and freak out at it’s sight.

I have a sexy display piece in my room.It adds a funny shock factor when people see my room and I yell out a lot of profanity.It’s got a nice feel to it, however the wood feels a bit brittle, not something you would want in a weapon, but I see it as more of a display/cosplay piece and for that, it is amazing.

I am wearing it as part of my halloween costume.I’m going to be the grim reaper, and I think Samael would be proud of it.It is close to seven feet tall.

While trying to figure out how to fight with it, I noticed the wood is soft and can be damaged easily, so be careful but I love this blade especially for mowing the lawn.

There is a very intimidating display piece.The tip of the blade is sharp.When handling this object, take extreme care.The only edge on the blade is a wall-hanger.If you want a weapon that looks like it was taken from the Grim Reaper, look no further.P.S.Power tools are recommended for the screws.

I can’t believe I have a weapon!I have been waiting for years to get my hands on a freaken.The assembly is easy even though the screws are hard.The only problem is that the blade jiggles up and down, which causes it to be unstable.It is very long and sharp.

It’s amazing, I just got it.I’m 6 foot 2 and it makes me look small.The only problem I had was getting the screws into the scythe, but after about twenty minutes of hammering it in, it was good to go.It isn’t that heavy to tell the truth, I swung it around a few times.Purchase this if you like scythes or awesome weapons.Good job, TrueSwords.

This thing is not very sharp but I anticipated it so I bought a sharpener. I sliced off part of my knuckle.

It is 7 feet tall, has a long curved blade, and is connected at the center point by a metal screw.Solid wood.The blade needs to be put in a slot at the top and supported by two screws.One of the screws had a defect on the point.I tested it against the elements.The screws were tight and the blade moved.It’s serving as the hottest wall decor ever in the eyes of a blade collector.Great purchase.The speed of trueswords and fedex is amazing.Ups has very little in the way of speed.

I’m 6 feet tall and it’s still about a foot or two taller.The blade is hard to put in because you have to bang it and force it to work.There are no cons to getting the blade in.I would buy again from this site.

I ordered one for my boss, who is a technical diver, and who’s dive-team has the Grim Reaper on their shirts.The reviews on this item were pretty positive.Hope he likes it.It’s a great display.

This was everything I was hoping for.I would recommend getting one of these.

I have been looking for a real scythe and this is an amazing buy.It’s a steal for someone who lives in CA and can’t find a life like scythe without paying a lot.The blade of the handle is very sharp and convincing.The black finish on the blade is very tar like, which is the only problem I have with it.I would have paid double for this piece.

Don’t try to kill any trees or bushes with this piece, it’s meant to be for show.It finishes off my grim reaper costume nicely.

They were out of stock and sent the fantasy Scythe instead.It looks sweet, but won’t stand up to any real use.

The Scythe is amazing.I have 2 reasons for giving it a 4/5.I can’t get the 2nd screw in all the way to hold the blade in place so it’s weak and the wood cracked when I swung around scaring people last halloween.When it’s in 2 pieces, I suggest only swinging it.

Awesome is all I have to say.The blade is dull and easily bent.It was made for a show.

It was a good purchase.There were a few things I didn’t like about it.The blade was held by two screws.The two wood pieces that make up the handle are stained and rough.

The staff is bad, but with the blade connected to it, it’s not as flimsy, and the price is also bad.

It’s the best weapon I’ve ever seen.When they first saw it, they were startled.The point on my scythe was flatened by the staff’s wobbles.I don’t mind if it’s damaged in shipping.

I got this a while back.I swung too hard in a field and it snapped in half.It’s seriously.It’s a good thing.Hard swings are not recommended.Where you screw it in is where it snapped.There were wood and screws everywhere.It wasn’t good.It’s a good thing.

A must have item.The true volume of a weapon’s intended purpose is what matters the most.This weapon is fierce enough to intimidate almost anyone, as it is capable of piercing through plaster and drywall with ease, and is Possesing a rather sharp edge.This one is very difficult to use.

It was cool.It is big but not sharp, although it has a good point.I wanted to get two to feel like sengoku basara but that didn’t work out.If you want to use this as a weapon in the next zombie invasion, you should look for a new zombie destroyer because the part with the blade is heavy and it can end up face the wqrong.

The handle is very fragile.For the price, it is a very good decorative item.It is easy to assemble and disassemble for carrying and storage, but I would reinforce the handle to handle the weight of the blade.Maybe stronger wood or a full handle.A very good product.

The wood was soft and not razor sharp, but it was a nice display for a good price, and I recommend picking one up on a sale if interested.

Awesome looking, huge, and sharp!After only ten to twenty medium strength strikes, the joint where the two halves come together cracked and pulled the other apart.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it arrived, but a bit disappointed with the construction.I understand that, for 30 dollars, I couldn’t expect a lot, but I was expecting a bit more.The scythe head wasn’t a good fit and I had to use a hammer to get it in.This results in about an inch of screw-head sticking out.Halloween will be awesome this year because it was affordable and arrived quickly.

The scyth was so long that it was cracking in the center where they connect.The screws to hold in the blade came loose, and now I have a wobbly blade as well.

The part of the blade that is attached to the tin shed is a little loose.

The wood is strong but flimsy.There was a blade on the sides.Even if the handle is properly screwed into the blade, it won’t stop it from moving.It will work if the price is less than 10 bucks.My leg was spiked through my jeans.I can make the handle better now.

Don’t even think about swinging this thing because it looks nice for display or costume purposes.I took one swing in an open space and the wood where the two parts of the pole bolt together snapped.I thought it would be strong enough to swing around a bit, but I didn’t expect it to be weapon quality.

The wood is strong but flimsy.There was a blade on the sides.Even if the handle is properly screwed into the blade, it won’t stop it from moving.It will work if the price is less than 10 bucks.

Max Edge CLP Knife Lube is 1.5 Oz and works with all blades.

The scabbard can be adjusted from 1 to 2 1/2 inches.