Why is going out for breakfast not a thing in Canada Is there a Canadian equivalent to a big breakfast at Denny s in the U S

Why is going out for breakfast not a thing in Canada Is there a Canadian equivalent to a big breakfast at Denny s in the U S

We do breakfast out a lot on Saturday and Sunday.The Canadian equivalent to the big breakfast at Denny’s is the big breakfast at Denny’s.There are Denny’s all across Canada in most cities.

We also do breakfast at IHOP and Cora’s which is a Canadian breakfast chain.Here in the Vancouver area one of the best places for Breakfast is “De Dutch”.They are all over the lower mainland and are only open for breakfast and lunch.

Their Boer’s Breakfast stats off with a Dutch crepe the entire size of a large plate.We also eat breakfast out at lost of local restaurants as well.On Saturday and Sunday, if you do not get to a breakfast place early you will be waiting a while.

Here in the burbs of Vancouver I often meet friends at a place called Milestones.They do open until 10 and if one arrives after 10:30, you wait awhile.

Who told you it wasn’t a thing in Canada?Canada is a first world country, which means ridiculous things like going out for breakfast is quite common and normal.Where I live, I’ll either go to the local deli or Husky’s truck stop.

The Husky’s Breakfast Club House Sandwich is my favourite, though quite a heavy breakfast meal for me these days.So the deli is the healthier choice.However if I’m ok with filling my body with preservatives, I’ll go to Tim Hortons and get a Bagel B.E.L.T.

with sausage added to it, on a Jalapeño and Cheese Bagel, with Hashbrowns, and a Medium Darkroast Coffee.Sometimes with a Strawberry Danish.My doctor strongly recommends me not though.

I like a big breakfast.

We’re not big on Thanksgiving as the main family holiday either.“Different strokes for different folks” as your countryman Muhammed Ali said.We do the trifecta of Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years.

We have our own Thanksgiving too, but its not the social event of the year.It is true that notions of meals are different in Canada in several ways.For example, its breakfast, lunch, supper, unless its a bit of an important mid day meal, then its breakfast, dinner, supper.

Unless it is say Christmas or New years, in which case we’ll have breakfast, early lunch, then dinner, the time depending on guests and the cook, and no supper, but later a late meal without a name, of the dinner leftovers (often turkey sandwiches) and snacks.Christmas dinner could be at 2pm, or 8 pm.

I can’t speak for all Canadians, but I go our for breakfast quite often.I might further add that along with the Lumberjack Breakfast at Denny’s, I’ve devoured the following big breakfasts in the past year: Cowboy Breakfast at Humpty’s; Klondike Breakfast at Ricky’s; Big Country Breakfast at Smitty’s.All are especially good.

One thing I’ll say for breakfast restaurants as well, is that they often serve up great burgers and sandwiches.I love the slam burger at Denny’s, even if only once a year since it’s a heart attack burger.Humpty’s and Smitty’s also serve up delicious Monte Christo Sandwiches which, along with Patty Melts, are rarely featured on menus these days.

Canada is filled with people from all around the world, we take in many refugees and immigrants, people from all over Canada tend to follow their own traditions, some go for breakfast, some don’t, some celebrate some holidays and others they do whatever pleases them.The US likes to push Americanism on everyone, just look at the 4th of July itself, just look driving down the streets of rural America, the US is essentially shoved down everyone’s throats including breakfast, hell I’ve seen piles of American flags in freaking Chinatown.The US and Canada are so wildly different and Canada is much less worried about being taken over by immigrants instead we encourage people to celebrate their heritage instead of hiding it and absorbing Canadianism, truth is the word Canadianism isn’t even a word that I know of.

The truth is that Canadians don’t go out for breakfast because it’s just too damn cold to leave the house before 1:00 pm and then it’s time for lunch.We have to survive in our igloos all morning by eating seal jerky, which we have to share with our pet beavers, of course.Okay, all kidding aside, many Canadians love eating breakfast out and we have tons of great locally owned diners to get it at.

There are also some chain restaurants such as Cora’s, which is tasty but pricey, and Denny’s, but not where I live.

Going out for breakfast is a thing in Canada.You could, of course, go to one of the 70+ Denny’s locations in Canada, and there are chains that focus on breakfast… Cora: breakfast & lunch for example…which has 128 restaurants across the country.Personally I think you can do much better than either.

I prefer local options and can think of four excellent breakfast spots within a short walk of my home.(That number probably quadruples if you are willing to drive or cycle 10–15 minutes.)Two of the four usually have line ups on the weekends regardless of the weather.

Why is going out for breakfast not a thing in Canada?Is there a Canadian equivalent to a big breakfast at Denny’s in the U.S.?In Montreal on a Friday night the first drink in the Bar is usually around 10 PM, we like to be fashionably late.

The bars close at 3 AM and you’re nobody if you don’t know at least one after hours joint.So breakfast?No thank you.

Brunch my dear sir, we do brunch.Montreal also has a bajillion real restaurants, what’s a Denny’s?After I retired from the party circuit and came out west we opened a small cafe.

The hobbit’s breakfast at our café was 3 eggs, 3 sausages, ham and bacon, baked beans, toast and a fruit cup.Farmers in Canada eat breakfast.

Canadians work hard.They set out for work early in the morning.Who feels like breakfast early in the morning?

The thing in Canada is to take a 9 or 10am “coffee break” probably at Timmys with a double double and a Bismark or a Cruller.

Off the top of my head I can think of half a dozen breakfast restaurants within a 15 minute walk of my apartment.This includes chains like Eggspectations, Cora’s, and Sunrise, as well as independents like Patrician Grill and the George Street Diner.This doesn’t include restaurants that serve a weekend brunch.

There must be at least 20 of those within a 15 minute walk.I suspect that going out for breakfast is a thing in Canada.

It’s quite big in Quebec.There are literally dozens of breakfast chains across the province, and some have started to expand to other provinces, e.g., Chez Cora.Here’s a sample page from their menu: However, I’d argue that all across Canada, brunch is more popular than breakfast, especially on weekends.


It’s my weekend, and I was going to go out to the Artistry Cafe for scrambled eggs, a hot croissant, and a latte in half-an-hour.Now I find out that it’s unpatriotic?I’ve been up since 3 (I work early shifts; don’t judge), and I’m hungry!

Oh, Canada, why do you do this to me?

If going out for breakfast was not a thing in Canada we would not have Denny’s restaurants here.And we do.

I’m confused by your question?There are plenty of Denny’s restaurants around Canada, as well as other breakfast food chains.As a Canadian I can say that I’ve gone out for breakfast plenty of times, especially at places like Tim Horton.

The “big breakfast” at your oddly named “Denny’s“ does have an equivalent.Its called “the grand slam” and it’s at a big chain with an incredibly stupid name.“Denny’s”.

Some greasy spoon chain from a foreign country.

Honestly, you’ve deceived yourself if you think going out for breakfast isn’t a common thing in Canada.If it was not, you wouldn’t see restaurants that specialize in breakfast and some that even only are open for breakfast.I can’t understand how someone gets these misonceptions and then posts them as though they are facts.

I am not sure it isn’t, especially on weekends and holidays.Going out to breakfast on these days is a nightmare.There are lineups at every breakfast restaurant.

Before Covid-19, I went out and had breakfast with friends virtually every workday (Monday to Friday for me).The breakfast places were not as packed as on the weekends, but they were not empty either.

Yes, many cities in Canada have IHOPs and Canadian diner chains like White Spot in Western Canada.Think Denny’s operates in some larger Canadian cities too.

We do go out for breakfast but no we just have Tim Hortons which is more like fast food and cannot compare.

In Toronto there are many small independent breakfast spots though that are much better than Denny’s.

Breakfast at Denny’s in Olds, Alberta I’d go out for that breakfast.

The questioner has obviously never run across breakfast at Tim Horton’s (the most popular coffee/doughnut shop in Canada.)

The Canadian equivalent to going out for breakfast at Denny’s is going out to get breakfast at Denny’s in the west and diners in the east.

I can answer for Montreal, where there are many many breakfast specialty restaurants.

They offer huge and delicious breakfast/brunch dishes.