Why is it so difficult to drive in Montreal

Why is it so difficult to drive in Montreal

Ice and snow Drivers to drive too fast and should know better people who don’t put their snow tires.Potholes poorly maintained roads a city administration that can’t deal with winter there was no salt (or almost) on the roads During Christmas.Thieves who maintained our roads for years.

and didn’t do a very good job.Unions that protect incompetent workers.I’m not against unions but sometimes… OK then there are bicycles who drive in weather that is not made for driving a bicycle and cause traffic headaches amazing what you can do with a strong lobby and a determination to inconvenience the rest of society.

Finally the citizens of Montreal me included we put up with this year after year districts that are in efficient and hate cars.Politicians that let people wait half hour in the cold before the next bus.People are not going to use the metro if they have to wait a half hour in the cold to do so if the metro keeps” Breaking “ down.

Oh did I mention that the rebuilding of our crumbling road system has caused detours and yellow cones where drivers are now at risk of chronic road rage.Cote St luc does a much better job.Summers in montreal has the same problems without the cold and there are more cars drivers who drive too fast and don’t have a basic knowledge of the rule of road.

and more bicyclists who think they own the street.

Hi, I will try to give different elements that make driving in Montreal kind of involved: delivery trucks will not hesitate to double park, should there be no space, and thus blocking the street (in one direction) for 5–10 minutesIn the case of snow storms, this is aggravatedstreet signage/indication are poor & only in frenchpedestrians would sometime jay walk & cross the street away from designated areascurrently, there is extensive construction work sites all over the city & even Google Maps can sometimes not keep up with the latest changes of the daythere are lots of potholes, especially in the winter

The road are not nice.They do not put enough money in taking care of them and the weather (winter) broke them…..They are big hole in the street that are not repaired.

People also do not respect the rules.