Why is it so hard for international students to get admission in the University of British Columbia Canada

Why is it so hard for international students to get admission in the University of British Columbia Canada

Canadian universities have some of the highest acceptance rates in the world, including UBC, but you still have to have the grades as UBC is a top tier medical-doctoral university ranked in the top 50 world universities.International students make up around 30 percent of UBC’s student body.150 countries are represented.

In fact, UBC and McGill have the highest percentage of International students as part of their student bodies.You think UBC should be taking in even more international students?According to UBC they receive 40,000 applications each year, which includes international students.

Two-thirds of all applicants are accepted.That means that the international applicants who do not get accepted aren’t academically prepared enough to compete.Average grades does not get a Canadian into UBC.

It’s hard to get into UBC in general.Compared to many other Canadian universities, the application process for UBC is intense.You’re required to write multiple personal essays, have a high grade average, have lots of certified grade 12 courses… in my experience, applying to UBC was a gigantic pain in the behind.

I don’t even know if I would have gotten in, because I gave up on the application and decided not to bother.I decided not to bother with college in general, but that’s besides the point.UBC is one of the best universities in Canada.

It’s not going to be easy to get into for anybody.In order to get into a top university like that, you’ve got to be able to make yourself stand out in some way.Just being an international student isn’t enough.

I honestly think this is completely major based.Some degrees at UBC are highly impacted which make there selection criteria very stringent.As many of my colleagues have eluded to the campus is beautiful, the education is fantastic, and UBC has a very good reputation.

I would tell you that I thought the essay portions were straight forward and my GPA wasn’t in the top 5% of the applicants, however Canada and USA have a very good relationship of allowing students to apply to there respective countries.This I believe gave me an edge.

Look, there’s a billion international students out there that want to go to colleges and universities in Europe or North America.Probably only 1-3 million spaces available.You think it should be easy?

UBC can hold maybe 40,000+ students.UBC does take many international students, but it must (and rightly should) take local Canadian kids from BC and Canada whose parents have paid taxes to support such great institutions such as UBC.So maybe only 20% or something should be international.

Because it is hard for Canadians as well.They have many times tha applicants as they have spaces each year.Considering it is one of Canada’s top schools they choose only the very best applicants.

What do you expec?You want to go to one of the very best schools in Canada.It is just as hard as an Ivy League school In the USA to get into.

When I attended in the late 80’s, it was far too easy.As an American (foreign) student, there were no entrance exams whatsoever, which was a huge detrement causing class placement way over my education/ability level.Have no idea how difficult it is now.

Judging from the sheer number of international students at UBC, you are wrong about that.Idk, people say it’s hard to get into UBC.But it can’t be that hard.