Why is life in Toronto so boring

Why is life in Toronto so boring

I was born in raised here, did all of my schooling here, even went to UofT for university.Unlike everybody else here advocating on why Toronto is so great (yeah I know it is, that’s why I still live here) here are some reasons it can be kind of boring 1.)Winter kills everybodys social life.

Yeah some people go out, but lining up for clubs or bars is freezing, people just generally go out less.There’s winter sports but you can only do that so often.You can’t just go hang out on the beach or in the park or in nature somewhere casually.

Summer on the other hand is awesome, and everybody is trying to squeeze the most out of the days we have.2.)Toronto can be kind of expensive.

We do have a lot of cheap options but it’s not the cheapest city in the world.Shows, clubs, bars, restaurants, can add up pretty quick.If you want variety, it’ll cost you.

3.)People in Toronto are generally sorta mellow.You’ll find less extremes here.

It’s not a city where you’ll find any sort of hardcore subcultures in any way, people are pretty mellow and Canadian about everything.This can make it kinda boring.For example, a rap music show in Toronto will never have gun shots go off at it or anything “authentically” hood.

4.)Job industries are kinda boring.Toronto is not a super innovative place, for a first world country we do okay but it’s mostly financial services here and some tech.

Our fashion week is quite small and corporate.It’s too expensive for most artists to live here.HOWEVER I’ve traveled extensively throughout my life and spent 24 straight continuous months living abroad in China.

And I can tell you, Beijing was a lot of fun to live in, and is in many ways the opposite of Toronto.There are extremes, the people are extreme, the partying is nonstop, food and clothes are cheap, there’s tonnes of innovation and money being handed around, but what Toronto is good at is being a clean long term sustainable middle ground.And that can become extremely boring after a while.

But I still choose to live here because it’s the better of two evils.I’ve been to every bar and club, and will revisit the same address after it’s torn down and renovated into a new club.I’ve been to so many shows, and festivals, and street festivals, and yeah it does get boring.

What you really need to do is to leave Toronto and go somewhere else to appreciate what a nice place this is.If you think Toronto is boring you’re taking things like clean food, weed, functioning proper daily services, and like non-racism for granted lol.

For some reason, liberal, middle aged white men seem to get incensed when you point out that Toronto is pretty boring.Culturally, with the exceptions of the parades, so I’m not talking about those six hours, in total, per year, Torontonians aren’t very lively.They’re pretty mellow and tame by big city standards, which is nice for a little while, but it gets old kind of fast socially, when everyone is expected to be politically correct and conform to some ridiculous monolith of opinions propagated by the CBC.

You must think Toronto is the best city on earth, to play well with Upper Canada enthusiasts, even though it’s a deep freeze 3–4 months of the year, has the architectural flare of post-war Liverpool, and the cultural allure of steamed tofu.Trudeau senior’s “diversity” schtik, (which is a mandatory item to include when explaining why Toronto is better than any other place in the modern or ancient world), has kind of failed Toronto, as it is has failed Canada.A country needs a common identity which motivates people of all backgrounds to galvanize around meaningful causes, share common experiences, and maybe a vision for the future, that draws people together, but neither Toronto, nor Canada, has that.

Instead, it is comprised of disparate racial cliques that barely interact outside of work, making Toronto feel pretty small, and kind of pointless.I could go on but I think Toronto’s lack-lustre culture is a product of a society that prizes stability, and safety, over everything else.

It’s not Toronto, it’s you.Caribana Caribana now Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival Pride Parade Pride Toronto | 19-28 June 2015 Amazing restaurant and food scene Top Rated Toronto Restaurants In Downtown Toronto Food Menu Toronto Kitesurfing anyone?Kiteboarding lessons in Toronto Ontario.

Learn how to kitesurf!Live theatre at every scale or opera your thing?Broadway Shows, Musicals, Plays, Concerts in 2015/16 How about museums and major art galleries?

The Best Museums in Toronto What?You really like universities and other educational opportunities?World Class Talent – Universities and Collages Maybe you like parks, trails and beaches?

Trails & Nature – Parks & Trails – Parks, Forestry & Recreation | City of TorontoBeaches – Leisure Spaces – Parks & Trails | City of TorontoParks, Forestry & Recreation – Living In Toronto | City of Toronto Frankly, Toronto is one of the most cosmopolitan, richest and engaging cities in the world.It’s not New York or London, but it’s more interesting than Singapore or Sao Paulo or Copenhagen, and it’s in the running against Sydney, Melbourne and Boston.

It is pretty boring, but I’ve learned to make the best of it.Toronto is very expensive and the quality of the “free stuff to do” is very low.For example, the Jazz festival – I used to live in Montreal, and the jazz fest was world class.

You can walk around and hear world class jazz musicians all for free.There were some paid venues, but you weren’t compelled to attend those when what was on the street was so good.When I moved to Toronto, I checked out the free shows for jazz fest and it was… kinda like elevator music or some version of Kenny G. So you have to pay to see something good.

Dining in Toronto has gotten a lot better since 2008 when the “fine dining” genre imploded here and a lot of the sous chefs struck out on their own and started innovative and delicious dining for a fraction of the price.Just because a pasta dish is $28 doesn’t mean it is good.But thing is, not a lot of people can eat out 3-4 times a week.

Maybe 1 or 2 times a week.There are still 6 days to fill.There are sporadic events that are cool/fun – pride, caribana, Fanexpo, comedy fests.

But Toronto is pretty boring for a cosmopolitan city.And I’ve lived in several cosmopolitan cities around the world.Now, Toronto would be really fun and exciting if comparing it to… say Timmins Ontario.

But not compared to Montreal (which also has very cold winters), or Buenos Aires, or HK or Taipei or Paris.So it’s all relative.

1.Canadian culture is naturally dull – curling, Tim Hortons, hockey, ice skating.2.

Torontonians are very conservative and cliquey so it’s hard to meet new people.3.It’s the same old same old every week – people get comfortable with their routines and mundane lives.

4.The streets aren’t very aesthetically pleasing like NY, London or Paris so it’s not as fun to hang out and congregate around other people.Instead, people go to the mall to shop then drive their car home.

In NY and London you see people hanging out everywhere all the time.5.Not many classy, sophisticated or interesting people.

Most people don’t appear to care about being the best, being weird, being different etc.

Sign up for meetups.Most are free.And most are done because life in Toronto is indeed very boring.All work work work, go home , watch netflix.Life is very expensive here and most do not have time to spend $$$ nor the time on silly ads like caribana and the like.Shame on whoever posted those silly pics……..surfing ???

really ???I have lived in several countries, visited many others and the prize for the most boring city is Toronto.It is like going back at least 25 years behind..

I know am going to get a lot of haters but……….

The free stuff alone will keep you plenty busy.What are you into?Sailing?

go down to any of the yacht clubs join as an associate member or just find a boat looking for someone to crew for the numerous regattas.Mountain biking through the Don Valley, beach volleyball in the Beaches, historic walks, Nuit Blanche, Doors Open, TIFF, Caribanna, Pride, Clubs galore, Climbing gyms, Street festivals, Jazz Festival, concerts at any number of venues.Sports, Sports bars, Northbound Leather’s annual fetish fashion show, live theater, day trips to wineries or locally the breweries popping up all over the city.

The Brickyard, cycle the Waterfront Trail, Harbourfront’s litany of events and classes.Volunteer for any number of causes.Art gallery openings, hanging out at the farmer’s market and St. Lawrence.

Go to MEC and sign up for any number of outdoor adventure opportunities and classes.Walk the streets and hike the ravine trails to discover hidden parts of the city.Study the architecture of the UofT, the Annex, Rosedale, Forest Hill, or any number of areas of the city.

Take one of Bruce Bell’s historic walking tours.Here’s a link to some of Tdot’s hidden bars…http://www.blogto.com/eat_drink/2014/11/the_top_10_hidden_bars_in_toronto/ I haven’t lived there since 2008 but can still find plenty to do with little effort!Last but not least, nobody is going to come and take you by the hand and lead you to the excitement.

I think Toronto is boring because the city has no class and art in it.If you have been to Paris, Taipei, tokyo, you will realize- better roads, better city planning, better subway, better cultural sites to see, better food scenes, etc… Toronto is a city after 2 years you really get bored… expensive, cold, and same repetitive events each year.I wish the city could look up to Paris, London and try to make better improvement..

at the moment?because there’s a plague running around that’s chasing everyone away from everything.Normally?

Simple: You don’t go to the Royal Ontario Museum You don’t go to the Art Gallery of Ontario You don’t attend plays or concerts You don’t take night classes at U of O or York You are right, Toronto is so boring…