Why is Ottawa the capital of Canada called the city that fun forgot

Why is Ottawa the capital of Canada called the city that fun forgot

23 Reasons That Prove Ottawa Is The City That Fun Forgot After reading some of those 23 reasons, I’m now thinking – why I’m still living here?Like, really, the bike paths everyone advertises, and Gatineau park… – that’s what you can find anywhere.Plain housing, no beaches in the summer (and I mean a beach, not just some area near the river like at Mooney’s Bay).

No shopping, many people just drive to Montreal.There are couple of museums, but after couple of times of going there you does not need to see it for the 3rd time.There are some food festivals in the summer.

I saw some signs about Greek festival, but it’s at some Greek church, and nobody knows where it is located.They built an outlet mall, but stuff there is expensive, there are no sales.Boring city makes for boring people.

I don’t know, I’m not personally excited about bike paths and making bright Fall foliage a main interest in my life.

For many Canadians, Ottawa is seen as a bureaucratic, government-dominated and generally boring city with little nightlife, a paucity of good restaurants, theatre, the arts, etc., particularly when compared with Montreal (the closest big city to Ottawa), Toronto or Vancouver.Much, of course, depends upon how one defines “fun.” As an American who has visited Ottawa several times annually for the past two decades, I agree that Ottawa is not exactly “Fun City Canada!”.Rather it is more a pleasant (especially in summer), family-friendly metro area with lots of nature close by.

It is a good place to raise a family.Ottawa has universities, museums and the like, but the downtown core has little “urban vibrancy.” The Ottawa-Gatineau area has a predominant “suburban” feel to it.

Thanks for the A2A.It’s a bit of an old stereotype, but, until a few years ago, Ottawa was a small city populated mainly by civil servants who tended to live a staid, quiet, protestant, middle-class existence.They were generally not all that well paid.

There was also the military, but they provided their own nightlife in their various messes.This was in contrast to the bar and club scene in what was then the city of Hull in Quebec.They had a vibrant bar and nightclub scene with a lower drinking age.

So, Ottawans really had the best of both worlds when it came down to it.Now, the city is much larger and has attracted a much wider employment demographic— especially in the high-tech sector, which is populated by a much younger, well-paid crowd.

I may be mistaken but I believe that line was penned by Alan Fotheringham (who passed away this past August).Caustic wit was his stock in trade and he was a very highly respected political columnist.I choose to believe that the line was intended to be the sort of razzing that any Toronto native would give to another Canadian city.

I remember at the time a lot of people in Ottawa got their noses out of joint over it.There were many articles and columns written in opposition to an opinion that was never genuine in the first place.The line “the city that fun forgot” was a joke and should be treated as such.