Why is the railway linking Montreal and Toronto not electrified

Why is the railway linking Montreal and Toronto not electrified

That is all a question of economics and has been evaluated every year since the Niagara Falls power plant opened in 1905.The only line that is under consideration this year is the CP rail between Calgary and Kamloops.It has the steepest hills in Canada.

Some freight trains require 5 x 4,000 hp diesel-electric locomotives both for going UP and to supply braking air for going downhill safely.High voltage overhead lines require right of way of about 10 m on each side to disperse the stray currents from the ground rails.To provide that clearance would cost incredible amounts of money, moving roads, gardens and industrial facilities along the way.

We are stuck with Diesels for a long time to come, for sure.The Swedish government decided to electrify ALL main lines in 1922.That job wasn’t finished until 1954.

Not easy.They run steam locomotives until the electrification was finished.No single large main-line diesel unit was ever purchased.

The Chinese government decided on a high-speed train system, 250 km/h or higher speeds, about 20 years ago.They have 25,000 km now.We almost got started in Canada under the Liberals a few years ago.

~120 MILLION dollars of Ontario government money was spent on designing and preparing a new roadbed for a future high-speed train from London, ON, to Toronto.That was canceled on the third day of Dough Ford’s government.

Mr. Brown is right.The route between Toronto and Montreal is owned by freight companies.The national passenger service VIA and the Toronto and Montreal suburban train services all have to lease from the freight carrier (I think it’s Canadian Pacific).

Also, there’s not room for another line in the same corridor.The track is very narrow at points where it’s constrained by the lake, the St. Lawrence River, or goes through rock cuts.There is housing close to the line all along the route.

Plans for electrified high speed rail take a very circuitous route well away from the current main corridor and populated areas of the province.One thing they’re doing in Montreal is taking de-commissioned freight lines, removing the current diesel commuter trains that run along them, and substituting light rail that works without an operator.

Why is the railway linking Montreal and Toronto not electrified?

Because diesel engines trains run along it.