Why some people suddenly turn their toilet seat blue is a mystery.

The blue toilet seat is one of the most talked about topics on the internet.Men and women have become victims of this phenomenon.It happens when they get up from the toilet.It seems like magic when the color varies between blue and purple.

We have found a few theories that will help you understand why your toilet seat turns blue.

Those who have never experienced a blue toilet seat might think it is funny.It happens when you put a blue color on the toilet seat.After getting up from the toilet seat, everyone has been in for a surprise.This condition has been explained.

Blue jeans can stain our skin.This is the first thing that comes to mind.Before we look at the other conditions, we must rule out this theory.Even if you don’t remember what you wore that day, you will know if it’s the cause by how easy it is to clean the seat.The blue jeans theory is dead if the seat is still blue after you clean it.

Our body oils and sweat can turn into a blue or gray color if we have chromhidrosis.It is common in our bodies to have a sweat glands.The sweat and body oils of people who suffer from chromhidrosis have a higher concentration of lipofuscin.You will probably see blue stains on your clothes and bed sheets if you suffer from this condition.

This is a rare case when nonpathogenicbacteria and sweat mix together.Areas like the armpits might be discolored when this chemical reaction happens.It can result in red and black.We can leave a stain on the toilet seat.You might notice that the bathtub is discolored.