Why Yala National Park is famous?

Why Yala National Park is famous?

The park is best known for its variety of wild animals. It is important for the conservation of Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lankan leopards and aquatic birds. There are six national parks and three wildlife sanctuaries in the vicinity of Yala. Yala harbours 215 bird species including six endemic species of Sri Lanka.

What can you see in Yala National Park?

Deer, elephants, wild boar, large water monitors, and curious monkeys are just some of the park's living attractions. Yala is a bird-watcher's dream, so bring binoculars for optimal viewing of storks, pelicans, parrots, eagles, herons, ibises, sandpipers, and more.

What animals are at Yala National Park?

Yala is home to 44 varieties of mammal and 215 bird species. Among its more famous residents are the world's biggest concentration of leopards, majestic elephants, sloth bears, sambars, jackals, spotted dear, peacocks, and crocodiles.

Is Yala national park worth visiting?

Is Yala worth visiting? Yala with all its flora and fauna is a unique experience and one of the must-sees of Sri Lanka. The park is worth visiting at all times of the year, however, planning your visit during peak season (December to April) is recommended.

How much time do you need at Yala National Park?

With careful planning, two days are enough time to explore three of the area's parks: Yala, Uda Walawe, and Bundala.

What is the best time to visit Yala National Park?

Best time to visit Yala National Park For the most reliable wildlife sightings, it's best to visit Yala in the dry season from February to June. With the water levels lower, it's easier to spot animals coming out to the lagoons to drink. The park normally closes each year for the month of September for maintenance.

Which is better udawalawe or Yala?

Udawalawe national park is great if you are mainly interested in spotting wild elephants. It is also the better option for someone wanting a jeep safari in a less crowded national park. Yala national park is better if you want to see a wide range of animals with the possibility of spotting leopards.

How much does Yala National Park cost?

Park entrance fees are $15 / £11.50 per adult and $8 / £6 per child (under 6 are free) LKR 250 (£1) jeep charge.

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