Will Surrey BC surpass Vancouver BC

Will Surrey BC surpass Vancouver BC

By 2030, Surrey will surpass Vancouver in population.Surrey will then become the largest city by population in BC.Presently, Surrey is in the process of establishing its own police force to replace the RCMP which currently polices Surrey on a contractual basis through agreements with the provincial and federal governments.

Surrey has lots of room to expand and is well designed with broad 4 or 6 lane boulevards and rapid transit.However, Surrey, like any fast growing community, experiences problems with infrastructure such as crowded schools, and traffic congestion.Housing is more affordable in Surrey than Vancouver but is still extremely high.

New home buyers face the dual problem of lower average wages as compared to other major Canadian cities for the same jobs, and mortgage stress tests which require a new buyer to prove that they can finance a mortgage at least two percentage points above the retail mortgage rate offered by the bank.Surrey has a huge gang problem and homelessness problem that will surpass Vancouver’s if it hasn’t already.

Yes, there is no doubt; I’ve been saying this for some time.Development is very cramped in Vancouver.Surrey has relatively a lot more space to expand.

Investment money will still flow to both cities, but Surrey will attract more investment over time.Here’s one new development, for example, under construction right now in Surrey.It’s an industrial / warehouse facility.

I don’t know where you could even put such a thing in Vancouver, let alone afford to buy the land.Surrey is right across the border from the US, between the YVR airport and the border so it holds a very strategic position.

Based on population growth projections, Surrey will surpass Vancouver within next 10 years.

Surrey has a robust housing market and we are starting see more townhouse developments in Surrey to accommodate 1000s of new residents that are moving to surrey and are snapping up townhouses or condos in Surrey.

Within the next decade.

There is much open real estate in surgery for building new housing developments that Vancouver no longer has surgeries housing costs are half or less of what Vancouver’s are – over 1000 people a month and moving to Surrey net

In what way?

If you mean population and compared to the city of Vancouver, not greater Vancouver, the answer is yes it will.