Words that start with Hetero are known as heter- or Hetero-List words.

The meaning of the prefix is “other, different, or dissimilar”.The meaning is derived from Greek.

Heteroauxin is a kind of growth hormone found in plants.An example is inoleacetic acid.

Heterocellular is a structure that is formed of different types of cells.

Heterochromatin is a mass of genetic material that has little activity in the genes.Heterochromatin stains more darkly with dyes.

Heterochromia is a condition that results in an organisms eyes being two different colors.

Heterocyst is a cyanobacterial cell that carries out nitrogen fixation.

Heteroduplex is a double-stranded molecule of DNA where the two strands are notcomplementary.

Heterogametic can produce gametes that contain one of two types of sex chromosomes.Men produce sperm that has either an X sex or Y sex chromosomes.

Heterogamy is a type of alternation of generations seen in some organisms that alternate between a sexual phase and a parthenogenic phase.Heterogamy can encompass a plant with different types of flowers or a type of sexual reproduction involving two different kinds of gametes.

The transplant of an organ or tissue from one individual to another is Heterogenous.

HeteroGraft is a tissue transplant that was obtained from a different species.

Heterokaray is a cell that contains two or more different genes.

Heterokinesis is the movement and distribution of sex chromosomes.

Heterologous structures are different in function, size, or type.Heterologous chromosomes are X and Y.

Heterolysis is the destruction of cells from one species to another.Heterolysis is a type of chemical reaction where the bond breaking process forms pairs of ion.

Heteromorphic is different in size, form or shape as in some homologous chromosomes.There are different forms at different times in a life cycle.

Heteronomous is a biological term that refers to parts of an organisms development or structure.

Heteronym has the same spelling but different sounds and meanings.Lead and lead to direct are examples.

Heterophyllous is a plant that has different leaves.Some aquatic plant species are examples.

Heteroplasmy is the presence of mitochondria within a cell or organisms.

Heteroploid is a condition in which the chromosomes are different from the normal diploid number of the species.

Heteropsia is an abnormal condition in which a person has different vision in each eye.

The male and female gametophytes are created by the two different types of spores that are produced in Heterosporous plants.

Heterothallic is a type of reproduction that is used by some organisms.

Heterotroph uses a different means of obtaining nutrition than an autotroph.Heterotrophs can’t get energy and produce it from sunlight.They need to get energy and nutrition from the foods they eat.