"Would love to" is a synonym for "I would love too."

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I use the expression "I would love to" when I request things from the other party.I feel like it conveys humility, that the other party would be doing me a favor by accepting the call, for instance, which is useful for sales.

This may not be very professional because it has the word "love" in it.Is there any similar constructs that can convey the same level of sophistication while still sounding professional?

A polite request, valuing the other party's time and effort and a gratefulness for their contribution are all conveyed by it.

" clearly doesn't make the cut" is precisely the expression you need to use in a formal context such as a work email.When you are making a request, "like" is more polite than "love", and it doesn't have any of the connotations that would make love unsuitable.

It seems like it will fit the bill for me.It was slightly stronger than "I would love to..."

I don't understand why someone would say "would love to" or " would like to."In any business context, they are fine.An expression like that.

It will be considered formal.It does not mean that you can't use this expression.If you are asking for a special favor or dealing with high authorities, you can use this expression.

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