Would the Montreal Expos have won the 1994 World Series

Would the Montreal Expos have won the 1994 World Series

They certainly would have been the prohibitive favorite in the National League, having opened a comfortable lead over the perennial contending Braves.The Reds and Astros were good teams while the west leading Dodgers were barely above .500.I think this would have been the first year for the Wild Card, so assuming the Braves held, it would have set up an interesting five game series with the Expos.

Anything can happen in a short series and the Braves shouldn’t be dismissed so easily with that pitching staff.Assuming they could win the Wild Card and NLCS, my guess would be they would be solid favorites against either a resurgent Yankees team, a powerful Cleveland club, or the White Sox.A rotation of Ken Hill, a young Pedro Martinez, Jeff Fassero, and Butch Henry was formidable.

They had an impressive back end with Mel Rojas and John Wetteland and a good lineup with players like Moises Alou, Larry Walker, Cliff Floyd, and Marquis Grissom.As a Yankee fan, I’d like to give the Yankees a fair shot.Jimmy Key was having a very good year with an inconsistent Jim Abbott as the number 2 starter and a middling Melido Perez as well.

Steve Howe was the closer and having an excellent season, but after a young Bob Wickman things got shaky.The lineup was solid with aging stars Don Mattingly and Wade Boggs, Paul O’Neill was having a great season, with a young Bernie Williams and still producing Danny Tartabull contributing.Five starters were batting above .300 and another two above .280.

My heart says the Yankees pull an upset with hungry, long suffering Don Mattingly coming up big, Jimmy Key getting a couple wins, and the Yankees pulling out a tight 6 or 7 game victory as the young Expos freeze a bit.Wetteland’s postseason struggles with the Yankees in 1995 surface a year early and the Yankees steal a couple games in the 7th or 8th inning.The Yankees go with young prospect Sterling Hitchcock in a surprise move in Game 3 or 4 and the rookie turns in a solid performance to turn the tide, with clutch Paul O’Neill catching fire.

My head says the Yanks struggle against Hill and Pedro and the young, talented Expos take advantage of a shaky Yankees rotation after Key and a soso bullpen.Rojas and Wetteland are able to make it a six inning game as the Expos roll in 5, maybe 6 games.