Would you rather live in Victoria BC or Calgary AB

Would you rather live in Victoria BC or Calgary AB

For mild winters, Victoria wins.At the end of winter, in the beginning of March, Victoria residents count the number of flower blooms in their gardens and a total count for the city is taken.In Victoria, the bloom count for the outdoors is about 29 billion blooms.

In Calgary, the bloom count would be zero!if you like snow, however, Calgary is the place for you!It snows about 144 days per year, compared to Victoria, where it almost never snows.

Great skiing is available at ski resorts about 1.5 hours drive out of Calgary, compared to the 3.5 hour drive for Victoria residents to get to Mount Washington.Victoria has the ocean at it’s doorstep , Calgary has the Rockies.Calgary is a bigger city, population 1.6 million, Victoria is smaller, population 86,000.

The larger the city, the more job opportunities, shopping, churches, sports teams, etc.Victoria has 317 sunny days per year, Calgary has 333, so both are sunny cities.For me, however, as a BC raised boy, transitioning to Calgary for a year of studies, Calgary was too cold for too long.

The 10 year average low is below zero Celsius for the months of October through April, even though Chinook winds can quickly raise the temperature on a day in the middle of winter.For Victoria, the average low for every month is always above freezing.

Really depends on your income and lifestyle.Victoria is a beautiful place but it’s enormously expensive to live both in terms of real estate and with cost-of-living.It’s also a no-fun zone, sell your guns and dirt bikes because unless you’re prepared to drive hours up to Courtenay to find a range taking new members and trails you’re allowed to ride they’ll collect a lot of dust.

The weather is temperate but you also don’t see the sun between October and April.When it does snow it doesn’t stick around long but holy shit, look out for the morons here that have no clue how to drive in it.Speed limits are 40km/h in a lot of places and people take it seriously, it’s infuriating sometimes.

I’ve lived in Victoria on and off for 20 years, and at this point in my life, if it weren’t for my son and an ex-wife that refuses to consider moving, I’d sell my condo for 200k more than I paid for it (only 5 years ago, so crazy) and move to acreage somewhere in Alberta in a heartbeat.

These are two totally different places.If depends on what you will do for income.Victoria has decent winter weather and a beautiful setting.

But housing there is ghastly expensive and as sea levels rise a lot of it will get flooded.Outside if the provincial government there are not a lot of jobs.Calgary has cooler winters and is in a decent setting.

Housing is a lot less expensive than Victoria.But with the collapse of world prices the job market has dried up and there are not a lot of jobs.

Victoria BC.most definitely.It has the best climate in Canada.

Not too cold in Winter.Not too hot in Summer.It’s an attractive town.

Perhaps a bit touristy in Summer.

Thanks for the A2A.

As much as I love Calgary, if I could afford to live in Victoria (which I can’t), I would live there, but only because I’m retired and don’t need to find a job.