Would you recommend a trip to Montreal in December

Would you recommend a trip to Montreal in December

December is the month when the cold starts to get really bad in Montreal.I mean it totally depends on the climate pattern of that particular year but in general 1st half of December is not bad.2nd half of December is definitely cold winter season and prone to cold spells.

I would not recommend it if you can visit in a different time of the year.

Sure!It will be cold but not as colder than January and February, and our city has plenty of events and activities in December as well.We have plenty of visitors, notably from the US, spending their Christmas and New Year in Montreal.

If you are lucky, and the snow is reigning, you will enjoy amazing views.Snow jacket and boots will be enough.The city is well equipped for our winters, and all our venues, malls, museums, sites, underground cities, metros, are warm throughout.

Montreal is beautiful in December!

Based on its’ brutal winter climate (-10/20C; teens, below zero F) a challenge.If winter no issue, go for It.