You can see your straight teeth with a new App Photo editor.

Is it time for you to stop having perfect teeth?You can see what you look like with braces.See what your friends and family look like with braces.You can get the job done in under a minute with Brace Face.Anyone at any age or skill level can use our interface.You can either save your new smile to your photo album or you can take a picture with the built-in camera.Add up to 20 sets of braces in a single photo and make sure to tell them to smile big.Everyone can have braces.We have many more coming in the next update, so be sure to set the brightness so the braces match the lighting in your photo.All rights are reserved.

I like this app, but my teeth are messed up, and none of the braces fit me, so I want you to make it to where you can move on the brackets at a time so it looks more realistic.Thanks.

It is a waste of money.Extra brackets are not allowed to expand what your teeth look like.You have to open your mouth wide in order to see the braces.Don't waste your money!!