You can use the drawer underneath the oven.

Most ovens come with a bottom drawer.This drawer could be used as a warming drawer, or simply a storage area.It is important to consult the instructions for your oven before using this drawer, as it depends on the oven type and brand.Whether it be quickly cooking food, keeping prepared food warm, or storing pots and pans, the drawer can be used in many different ways. Step 1: The oven has instructions. To find out if your bottom drawer is a storage drawer, you need to read the instructions that came with the oven.You can look up your oven model online and read about the features if you don't have the instructions.If the drawer doesn't have settings or a heating element, it's most likely a storage drawer. Step 2: The settings need to be adjusted. Warming drawers have a number of temperature settings.Depending on the setting, there will be high, medium, and low temperatures.Medium or high settings are ideal for keeping seafood, poultry, and other types of meat.If you are cooking multiple foods at the same time, keep the lowest temperature in the drawer. Step 3: The food should be kept warm. Warming drawers are used to warm foods that are already warm.When cooking multiple foods at the same time, use a warming drawer to keep one part of the meal warm.While the main course is cooking, keep the dessert warm in the drawer. Step 4: There is a humidity controller. Warming drawers have a humidity controller.You can use this option to keep food fresh.Changing the humidity or keeping bread rolls in the warming drawer can prevent them from drying out. Step 5: The warming drawer is a good place to cook food. A warming drawer is not the same as a Broiler.It is not meant to cook the food.The warming drawer can be dangerous if you attempt to cook food there.There is a slow cooker option in some warming drawers.If your oven has this option, read your manual. Step 6: Baking and cooking supplies can be kept in a store. Cooking supplies are often stored in storage drawers.You can put pots, pans, and skillets in this drawer.The handles on the pans can get in the way of the door if the lids are not inverted.If you overload the drawer, it will be hard to find whatever you are looking for. Step 7: The drawer can be used for long items. This drawer can be used to store items that don't fit in other storage containers because of their length.You can put barbecue grilling tools, serving trays, and other serving utensils in this drawer.It is better to keep things that are used to cook, bake, or serve food in the drawer. Step 8: Small items should be put into containers. Smaller items, like utensils, can easily get mixed up inside of a storage drawer.Keep them in place with containers, dividers, or boxes.The items should be stored according to their use. Step 9: The drawer has special items in it. Store items you only use on special occasions or for entertainment in your drawer if it's difficult to access.You can keep cookie trays and cooking utensils out of sight.If crumbs fall through, you may not want to keep expensive platter in this drawer. Step 10: The heating source should be checked. Most gas stoves have a bottom drawer Broiler.If you have a gas stove with a bottom heating source, the bottom drawer is most likely a Broiler.The trays have to be at least five inches from the heating source. Step 11: You have to read the instructions. The best way to find out what the bottom drawer is for is to read the instructions in the oven.If it is a pull-out drawer, the instructions will tell you how to use it.If you no longer have the instructions, you can find them online. Step 12: You can cook your food in a few minutes. You can use a cast-iron skillet or grate the food.The food will usually be finished within 10 minutes.Fresh vegetables that can be cooked quickly, thin-cut meats, and tender foods are best to be broiled because usually only the outer surface of the food is cooked.You can cook food in the oven and then put it under the broiler to finish.

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