You have 24 hours in Vancouver and USD 5000 in your pocket What do you do

You have 24 hours in Vancouver and USD 5000 in your pocket What do you do

Get into town at 7 am.Rent a convertible corvette from the airport $950 for the day.730 am Drive the Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver to Squamish, have breakfast at Galilieos coffee in Britannia Beach.

Budget $35.00 900 am driving home, drive through Porteau, Whytecliff, Lighthouse Park, take Marine drive along the West Vancouver shoreline.1130 am – Stop at Ambleside and take a walk along the beach 1200 am go to Park Royal, arguably the most upscale shopping centre in the region.Go shopping, get Gas (lol).

Have lunch, budget $500 100 pm drive over the Lions Gate Bridge 130 pm drive into Stanley Park, walk around, maybe go to the aquarium.Enjoy yourself, then take the park drive in your Vette!330 pm drive out of Stanley park, and go to Robson street.

Find some valet parking, and take a stroll.5 pm – traffic is building so I wouldn’t advise driving around.Find a place to chill for a while.

630 pm – Now, for dinner – so many choices.You could go to Joe Fortes, right near Robson and flaunt your cash and buy a high end bottle of Cabernet for $600.Or go to the Cactus club cafe right on English Bay beach, and enjoy the magnificent view.

My choice for you would be Seasons in the Park restaurant at Queen Elizabeth Park, to give you a beauty full view of Vancouver.900 pm after dinner.Head off to your Hotel (Sylvia Hotel on beach drive) and buy everyone a round of drinks.

You’ve had a long day, Party if you like, you still have some extra cash.

Basically anything your heart desires – $5000 is an awful lot of money to use in one day in a city like Vancouver when a hotel would cost you $400 or less for some of the best places in the city probably, and restaurants would be $100 or less per person maximum.

So you would have trouble spending 1/10 of that unless you went shopping down Robson Street to the expensive shops like Tiffanys