You need to organize your bedroom.

It's time to put the mess back in its place when you start seeing stuff in your bedroom.A disorganized bedroom can have a noticeable effect on your mood.Feelings of stress and depression can be triggered by cluttered and disorder.The solution is simple, get your room organized. Step 1: Pick up anything on the floor. You can make piles for items such as clothes, books, tissues, magazines, shoes, papers and anything else that you have laying around.Cleaning up the mess that you've already created is the first step to getting an organized bedroom.The only things on the floor should be your furniture.It's important that you start with this first step because you'll have a harder time cleaning around your stuff than you will getting it out of the way. Step 2: Box up things to keep and throw them away. Once your floor is completely clear, gather the items you picked up and decide if you want to keep them or get rid of them.Place the keep and get rid items in the same box so that they can be thrown away.Don't be afraid to part with items that have been out of use for a long time.Saving a stack of last year's junk mail may be a better idea than saving an antique heirloom.To determine which items of clothing in your closet you need to get rid of, you have to turn around and see the hooks pointing in the wrong direction.If you wear something, hang it up the normal way.If you haven't worn clothes in three to six months, you should put them in the donation box. Step 3: Donate or throw away items. When you gave your room a clean, take into account the items you threw into the get rid of box.If they need to be thrown away, look them over and see if they are worth donating.You can give your furniture and clothes to a secondhand store.Goodwill and the Salvation Army accept used items that are in good condition.You can give your books to the library.You give others the chance to discover new books by donating used books.You can sell or give away things online.There are sections on classified ad sites where you can get rid of used goods for free or cheap. Step 4: You should divide your storage spaces into sections. You can group the items in your closet into neat, tidy piles.It will look less cluttered, and it will be an efficient use of limited space on your shelves.Add shoe cubbies or hanging shoe organizers.Plastic bins, woven baskets, or even milk crates can be used for small items like socks, undergarments, and scarves.If you put hooks on the wall you can hang bags and belts from it. Step 5: To keep your drawers in order, use drawer tidies. You don't have to sort through piles of clothing to find what you need if you keep your socks, ties, underwear, and tank tops organized.You can find them at your local office supply store.You can make them yourself.You can divide your drawers by joining pieces of cheap wood or plastic.Measure the depth of your drawer first so that your homemade tidying fits. Step 6: It's important to keep large electronics off the floor. A fire and tripping hazard can be caused by keeping large machines on the floor, as well as their many cables and wires.Pull out drawers for printers and keyboards, as well as shelving above your computer, can be found in a desk for storage.To keep your power cord out of sight, thread cords through your desk or drill a hole in a nearby cabinet.You can bundle cords with electrical tape.If you have to unbundle the cords, you should always label them with a piece of tape. Step 7: You should have a charging station in your room. Place small electronics like your phone, iPod, and camera in a single place in your room, as well as their chargers.A multi- device charging station can be purchased to keep you organized. Step 8: You should label your storage areas. If you keep forgetting where to put your possessions once you've cleaned up your room or you have a hard time sticking to your approach to cleanliness, labeling your storage areas will help you know exactly where things go.It will be harder for you to create a mess if you put your things away in the right places.Simple post-it notes and masking tape will work just fine if you spend money on nice labels.If you use decorative boxes to hold electronics or other odds and ends, make sure you label them so you know what's in them. Step 9: Use unconventional storage spaces. Keeping your room clean isn't just about putting things in your closet.There are other ways to keep your room clean and organized that fall outside your closet, such as sliding baskets or bins under your bed for linens, blankets, and towels.Small pictures or figurines can be placed on wall shelves.You don't want to throw your coat on your bed at the end of the day if you have a coat rack over your door.Keep your books in order by placing items between them on your bookshelf. Step 10: Furniture that is not being used or taking up too much space should be removed. Take a look at the furniture in your room.Is there any tables or chairs that you don't use or are taking up too much space that could work better with another piece of furniture?Is your desk too small for your needs?Take a walk around your room to see how hard it is to get around.It's a good idea to invest in furniture that better fits the space or remove items of furniture for now to create more room if you have a tight squeeze between your bed and desk.

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