You should be a YouTube star.

Would you like to become a famous person?The good news is that today's laptops and tablets have cool video editing software already built in.There is bad news about the hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube everyday.If you learn how to plan your content, grow your audience, and organize your channel, you can increase your chances of success.

Step 1: You can make a YouTube channel.

The first thing you need to do is set up a free basic account, and then click the uploading link at the upper right-hand side of the page.You will see a prompt to create a channel after this.The instructions appear on the screen.If you already have a YouTube account, you're in good shape.You can enter the same password for all of them.

Step 2: Pick your camera.

You can use any camera, and it will work in the beginning.Digital cameras, Webcams, and cell phone cameras are good choices.You should consider buying something more sophisticated if you want a higher quality image.There are video cameras for under $300.If you are serious, invest in a high-end DSLR or an HD video camera.The high-quality videos produced by these cameras will have viewers coming back for more.Most laptops, tablets, and desktop computers come with a free recording program.This is called Quicktime for Mac users.This is for Windows users.

Step 3: The best qualities are what you should focus on.

List your best attributes.Don't be modest, write them all down!Become a singer by using your voice.Become an editorial presenter by taking advantage of your debating skills.Become an online lecturer by drawing on your knowledge of art history.Pick one quality to use as your brand.

Step 4: It is a good idea to get a taste of what's popular.

If you want to see videos that aren't based on your previous viewing habits, open a window in Private or Incognito mode.The second link is on the left-hand side of the page.The videos with the most views are listed under the headings.Asking your friends what they are watching is one way to find out what is popular.Friends will be happy to help.You can check your social media account to see what's happening.Search phrases like "popular YouTube videos" to see what pops up.

Step 5: Think about something different.

It is time to take your game to the next level now that you know what is out there.You will have competition no matter what you do.Try to think of an angle that will make your channel stand out.Consider the interests of your target audience.Do you know if your channel name is unique?Think about what you would like to see, but can't find it.You need to make multiple videos on your concept.A single video channel is not much of a channel.

Step 6: You can reach out to other YouTubers.

Ask the stars of your channel if they would like to work with you on a few videos.Building your channel is important, but putting yourself out there can be intimidating.You can do it!Tell them you want to work with them on a project, and that you like their content.Whatever idea you have, pitch it.You can send a private message by clicking on the channel owner's name below the title of the video.Click the "About" tab when you get to the channel page.Click the button at the upper right.Cross your fingers and wait for their response after you type your message.

Step 7: Prepare to take pictures.

Take your video camera with you wherever you go.It is possible that you will catch a funny thing that will eventually go viral.Maybe you can help bring justice to an innocent person.Save the file if the footage won't work for your current project.

Step 8: The popular YouTubers edit their videos.

It can take a channel to the next level with good editing.Look at different camera angles, close-ups, and scene transitions.If your video focuses on your face for a long time, mix it up with a few angle changes.It is a good idea to get a close-up of the project you are working on.White noise can be heard in the soundtrack.Don't stress about copying other people's editing styles.They should give you an idea of where to put the elements.

Step 9: Notifications can be set.

While you wait for your video to be uploaded, check your notification settings to keep your viewers updated on all the new and exciting content you are producing.When you add new content, set your channel to let subscribers know.The option "Notify Subscribers" should be checked if you scroll down to "Distribution Options".Check it if it is not.Everyone who subscribes to your channel will receive an email when new content is uploaded.The notification box should be checked if you decide to upload multiple videos at once.Your poor subscribers will get 20 emails if you Upload 20 videos in one day.

Step 10: Correct the caption.

You will have the chance to set and edit automatic caption after uploading your video.Take it.It is possible to be the clearest speaker in the world.This isn't fair to your hearing-impaired viewers.After uploading your video, read and correct the caption.This is a good time to engage with the viewer.Let them know if you see any errors.

Step 11: Go to your audience.

You are one step ahead of the game if you already reply to comments on your videos.You will need to do more.The conversation can be had on social media sites.It's easier for your fans to find the discussion if you use specific hashtags.New viewers can be drawn to your channel by all that social media activity.

Step 12: Don't think you'll have instant success.

Few people become an instant hit with their first video.You have to work hard just to get their viewing statistics to double digits.Use every opportunity to promote your channel.You may start to see results with time and effort.Stick with it.

Step 13: Put your videos on social media.

The word "share" is next to the arrow on the video.Your new best friend should be this button.Pick the icon of the website you want to post to.A summary of your video will open the pop-up window.You can either change it or keep it the same.Don't change the link!The videos will be played on the websites without having to open a new window or tab.

Step 14: There are contests on the video sharing site.

It's a great way to promote your channel and the contests can be a lot of fun.You can find out which channels are running contests by searching the web.You should find a contest that relates to your channel.The deadline gives you enough time to make a video.People have to vote on how entertaining, educational, funny, etc., are.A video is.If viewers like your video, they will likely subscribe to your channel.

Step 15: You can send an email.

You can contact your friends and family in your address book.Try something simple.I posted this video to the internet.They will forward the link to even more potential viewers if you let me know what you think.

Step 16: You can use tags.

When someone looks up a certain term in a video, the search engines use it as a result.Don't forget to tag your video and channel accurately.Don't use inaccurate tags to get more views.You will end up feeling dishonest, and disappointed viewers will leave negative comments.

Step 17: Your thumbnail will be created.

Three stills from your video will be used as the thumbnail image.You can create your own image if you don't feel any of the stills.Take a picture that gives a visual description of your video.The video title should include a few lines of text.

Step 18: Take constructive criticism very seriously.

No first-time video is perfect, and what fun would it be if it were?You can learn from each video and get better.If a viewer praises you for your script delivery but notices that the background noise distracts them, look for free and easy ways to remove unnecessary audio.You will have a professional looking channel if you make small improvements to each video along the way.

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