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There is a new wine by the glass called ZipZ Wine that is looking for a deal on the Shark Tank.Only one product has ever had a second chance getting a deal on the show, if you are a hard-core Shark Tank Fan.James Martin left a sour taste in the mouths of the sharks when it came to wine.The main problem keeping this wine-by-the-glass from getting on deal was the fact that the Sharks insisted on making a licensing deal for larger wine makers, but Martin was steadfast on branding his wine within the Copa Da Vino plastic glasses.

The ZipZ Wine has taken the Wine-by-The-Glass to a whole new level.The ZipZ Wine Brand was created by J Henry Scott and it was similar to the failure of Copa Da Vino to secure an investment.Scott has seen the big picture from the beginning of ZipZ’s Wine-by-the-glass concept.

The Wine-by-The-Glass is catching on as an alternative to other adult beverages.I’m not sure if it’s the right time to buy a single glass of wine at a gas station.

Major sporting events, or any large gathering where beer is already sold by the cup, is an obvious market for single serving wine.ZipZ Wine was created to fill this void.J. Henry Scott took his business plan from concept to opening day of the baseball season.

The packaging is an improvement over other wine-by-the-glass competitors.Zip-Z Wine comes in a wine glass, unlike most other competitors who use plastic glasses.There is a novel idea.

Andrew McMurray is the President of ZipZ wine and will be on the show.Andrew is a National Wine Consultant with over twenty years in the industry.In the video below, you can see how the ZipZ Wine has evolved in such a short amount of time.There are several big players in the wine industry already involved with the ZipZ wine by the glass technology.

The wine by the glass market has a huge growth potential and would not have been given another chance if it weren’t for the show.Everyone involved in Zip Z’s Success has studied both of James Martins appearances.The main thing Andrew has going for him is the fact that Zip Z Wines is expanding in the exact markets the Sharks would have taken if given the chance.

Several wine making professionals are already involved with ZipZ, which has given the product the ability to grow at a phenomenal pace.A lot of talent that know the wine industry inside out, and plenty of capital to bring this wine-by-the-glass to market in record time.

What kind of value do you put on a new product already being sold?This market alone is a multi-million dollar opportunity that is growing fast.

Even a small piece of ZipZ Wines will be worth a lot of money in a short time.

John is a fan of Shark Tank.He loves the show because of his entrepreneurial spirit.John created to help viewers find out more about the products and services that were on the show.

At a baseball game with my friends, I tried ZipZ for the first time.Having the option to drink wine in a wine glass was great because we aren’t beer drinkers.The packaging is cool.It still looks and feels like a wine glass despite not having to worry about spilling or breaking it.The wine is very good.ZIpZ is a great wine by the glass that is portable.

Zipz wine was at the event I went to.I was impressed with the quality and concept.It was a great option to drink wine and beer.I found it at my local wine store for sale on the front counter and was able to bring it to my rooftop which does not allow glass.I will have cases on hand for rooftop gatherings next summer.

It’s been a long time since a product like this was developed.Trying to get a good glass of wine at a public venue has always been a pet peeve of mine, especially when the beer drinkers have so many options open to them!I would like to thank you for thinking of us wine drinkers.

There is a new wine by the glass called ZipZ Wine that is looking for a deal on the Shark Tank.If you are, you can visit