1975, Chinese Zodiac, Wood Rabbit: Personality, Horoscope, and Year - What is it?

People born in 1975 have the Rabbit sign.The Chinese year of the Rabbit took place from February 11, 1975 to January 30, 1976.The Wood element is based on Chinese Five Elements.The Wood Rabbit and those born from January 1 to February 10 in 1975 are members of the previous Wood Tiger year.

Rabbits who were born in 1975 will have a bright career in 2021.They will be promoted in the second half of 2021.The goals they set in the workplace will be easy to achieve.They can get more opportunities if they show their talents.In their spare time, they can participate in some skill training groups and obtain relevant certificates, which will be of great help to their future work development.Their living quality will be greatly improved because of the increase in their financial resources.Rabbits should pay more attention to their finances.They can buy gold and real estate if they have enough money.If you want to do business with friends and relatives, try not to lend money to them.They would lose money if they didn't.They will have the chance to meet great opposite sex in 2021, with the rising relationship fortune.It's a good thing for single Rabbit people.They should use the opportunity to let others know who they are.For people who are married or in love, emotional disputes can have a bad influence on their feelings.Rabbits who are married should keep a certain distance from each other.The Rabbits will have no serious physical problems in the not bad health fortune prediction in 2021.Small diseases like headaches and colds will occasionally occur.These conditions are not very serious.They will be able to recover if they follow the doctor's advice and take their medicines on time.They should have a healthy timetable.Pay more attention to diet.If you want to eat less spicy food, eat more light and healthy foods.Rabbit Fortune will be released in 2021.