3 Ways to Remove Sticky Stains from Walls.

There is a thin layer of sticky glue on our wall, any ideas on how to get it off?

Take a bottle of dishwash soap and spray it on the wall with a squirt bottle.Good luck with it.

After the paper is removed, you can either use hot water and detergent to remove the residual paste or use the wallpaper stripping chemical.You may need to spray the walls with a chemical stripper if there is a lot of paste left.Then, use a scraper or knife to remove the residual glue, followed by a final rinse with a sponge dipped in the stripper.

You can find a cleaning product called "TSP" at the store.This is what the pro painters use to wash the walls.This is a very powerful cleaner and you need to follow the instructions.

Dif is a great product.30 years' worth of wallpaper changes had to be removed when we bought our house.There were 5 layers of paper in some areas.I don't know.Don't get me wrong, it was still a pain, but Dif made it easier than anything else we tried, and you can buy it at Wal-mart.

The mashine looks like a vacum but it blows out hot water steam.I don't know if it will take the sticky stuff off.That's how I did it!

Tell the people at the hardware store that you have a thin layer of glue on the wall and they will tell you what to do with it.