4 Simple Ways to Remove Nail Polish from the Floor.

It has a harder finish than hardwood, and it needs it.Underneath that is a thin layer of plywood or paper imprinted with a wood pattern.If you were to remove nail polish and damage this thin layer, the damage would be irreversible.The solvent used to remove the floor stain must be safe for the finish.

The same chemicals are used in nail polish to improve the bond with your nails and to keep it flexible.It behaves the same as lacquer despite the additions.As the solvent in the polish evaporates, a spill can be quickly hardened.

As soon as it comes in contact with an appropriate solvent, the polish becomes soft and liquifies.The acetone in nail polish is strong enough to damage the finish.There is an alternative to removing polish from flooring.It is possible to remove the laminate floor stain without damaging it.

It's important to remove as much of the polish as possible by mechanical means before using any type of solvent.If the nail polish is still fresh, try to remove as much of it as possible by rubbing it with paper towels, or by letting the polish harden before you attempt to chip it off.It shouldn't take more than an hour to be hard.

Work a plastic knife between the spill and the floor with a hammer.If you have a lucky day, the polish blob will fly off, leaving nothing behind.It may not be that simple.

If you can chip a hardened blob of nail polish off the floor, you'll probably have to remove some remnants.The strongest solvent you can use is rubbing alcohol.

This solvent can be used to moisten a rag.Take the rag and leave it there for a while, then wipe it off.It may take several wipes, but the polish should be transferred to your rag.

You have a number of options if you can't get a nail polish stain off your floor.One can rub the stain with mineral spirits.Mineral spirits will probably dull the floor finish.Limit the area you touch with the mineral spirits.You can use floor wax to fix the damage.

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