40x80 Agricultural Farm Building - Quick Price - General Steel 40 x 80 pole barn with free setup and delivery

You can price your 40 x 80 x 16 steel building package in minutes.You can choose the profit on the sale of metal building prices at Factory Steel Overstock.It's simple!

All models have a 40 year warranty on Colored Walls and Trim.The Purlin bearing rib is larger than the R panels and all panels incorporate the purlin bearing profile.

The MBMA has been established over 50 years.

Metal building prices posted on website reflect full roof snow load/wind speed.

Please verify the following factors by calling your local building department.

There is an additional cost for certified foundation plans.There are available states:WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, AZ, WY, UT, CO and NE.

There are additional specifications for metal building kits.Click the Why Choose Us page if you want to read comparisons.

I bought my building from FSO in 2015.They were able to help me find what I was looking for at the best price, once I had determined how much I needed.The lower expense didn't come at the expense of quality.

The Factory Steel Overstock is located.March has an A+ grade with a 5 star rating and all positive reviews posted at thebbs.To read reviews, click the logo.

You can take advantage of our guaranteed savings program if you email a lower quote to factorysteeloverstock@gmail.com.We want your feedback.

The minimum amount of material used is 50,000 p.s.i.The yield strength.Some manufacturers use more than 35,000 p.s.i.The strength material is not as strong.Automatic welding machines welded single bead frames to help ensure quality.The mainframes and secondary material are protected during the erection process with a factory-applied rust inhibiting primer.

Minimum 8” is required for GIRTS and PURLINS to meet design requirements.Cold rolled Z-section, 12 to 16 ga, 55,000 p.s.i.The yield material is used for strength.

The girt system overlaps at the columns for extra strength.Factory welded girt clips make erection easier.

PURLINS are top-mounted on the rafter for strength and cost savings.The maximum spacing is on the center.

It is a cold formed C-section that is rolled for the appropriate roof pitch to make sure the weather is not too warm.

There is a 24 angle supplied for the attachment of the sheeting at the building's rake.

There is a 24 angle supplied for attaching the base of the sheeting to the concrete.Ram-set or equivalent anchor the base angle to the concrete.

Diagonal galvanized cable bracing is used to remove longitudinal load from the structure.It is easier to install galvanized cable than solid rod because it prevents the bracing from sagging under its own weight.The cables are made for easier erection.

There is a connection between the rigid frame and the purlins and girts.The allowable compressions are adequate for any combination of loading.

Installation of overhead doors can be done with the help of cold-formed C-section jambs.

There are 24 or 26 gages.The yield strength material standard.A lower yield strength material is less resistant to damage from hail or other impacts.Premium color finish on walls and trim has a 40 year warranty.Premium colored roof finish is galvalume.

All COIL STEEL has a minimum of G-90 class Galvalume, which is 1.25oz hot dipped.

Self-drilling and self-tapping pulleys are pre-assembled with metal caps and neoprene washers.

The closed cells are used to help seal the building.The base of the building can be used to provide weather tightness.Shapes to match panel configuration provide a tighter seal.

Every building has a panel site designed into it.There is an air infiltration stop on the blanket insulated building.

Sealant is provided to help ensure weather tightness.Installation of the thick pressure sensitive tape sealant is easy.

All buildings are trimmed with standard trim material for a more finished look.It is an additional deterrent to insects and dirt from getting into the building.

The blueprints include wall and roof framing diagrams, cross sections, sheeting, and flashing details.The drawings show the proper assembly of the components.

A part number is placed on each component.There is a detailed listing in the bill of materials that comes with your building.The same numbers are used for both drawings and assembly on the job site.

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