A 3D Dinosaur Birthday cake can be made.

If you surprise your child with a dinosaur cake, they'll think you're a legend.If your kids love dinosaurs, making a 3D dinosaur birthday cake is a great way to surprise them at their birthday while saving a bit of money. Step 1: You can mix the cake batter. A cake made from scratch will be stronger than a cake mix.Use the ingredients list to combine sugar and butter, then beat in the eggs and vanilla.Combine the flour and baking powder with the sugar-butter-egg mixture.The batter can be thin by using the milk. Step 2: The cakes need to be baked. Put the batter into the round pans and bake them in the oven.They should bake in 30 to 40 minutes. Step 3: Buttercream Icing can be made. You can use a hand-mixer to cream the butter.Slowly add the sugar.Slowly add the milk until you get the consistency you want. Step 4: The frosting should be separated into 4 parts. 2/4 should be green, 14 is white and the other is blue. Step 5: Allow your cakes to cool. The cakes should be frozen before you assemble the dinosaur.When you frost it, there will be a crumbly effect. Step 6: You can make a paper template from this image. If you have a printer that can print on 11”x17” paper, you can make a large cake.If you want to replicate them by hand, take a piece of light construction paper.The cake should fit the diameter of the circle. Step 7: The dinosaur's body should be cut out. Find the center of the cake.The cake should be cut in half.Put the two halves together and place them on the plate.This is the dinosaur's body.Set it aside. Step 8: Cut out the rest of the body. Cut out the different parts of the paper template and arrange them on the cake.You can arrange the paper pieces to see how they look when you cut the cake.You can plan ahead if there are any changes you want to make. Step 9: Put the dinosaur on the serving board. The attached photo can be used for help.White frosting can be used to join the body halves.Stack the appendages close to the body.Put the head on the body with some toothpicks so that you don't accidentally include them in a slice of cake later.The corners will not be a problem once you frost the cake if you trim them off the feet and shoulders. Step 10: Spread a thin layer of green frosting over the cake. The crumb coat is a term used to describe the amount of crumbs that pull away and end up in the frosting.Use a light hand to cut the cake.Having made the cake from scratch will help, as cake mixes are much more difficult to work with. Step 11: Scales should be added to the dinosaur. Add blue stars for accents along the back and head with a star tip. Step 12: The fondant is 3mm thick. The plates on the dinosaur's back were created with the help of a small knife.To give the plates ribbed texture, detail them with a toothpick.As many as you want to put on the dinosaur's back. Step 13: The plates are made of fondant. There are diamond plates in the back.If the frosting doesn't hold the plates well, you can stick a toothpick into the cake. Step 14: It is a good idea to add candy for a finishing touch. Use candy corn for spikes on the tail, cinnamon candy for eyes, and chocolate chips for the toes.You can use any candy you want to accent the tail and head. Step 15: You can decorate the cake board. You can use green icing to make grass on the cake board.Sprinkle a layer of icing on the board and make it look like rocky terrain.It looks like your dinosaur is in a forest if you make palm trees with pirouette cookies and parsley.Plastic dinosaur toys can be used for fun.

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