A baby hat is knit.

Knitting can be enjoyable.A baby hat is a great starter knitting project because you can do it in a short amount of time, you only need one skein of yarn, and people with new babies love hand-crafted gifts.It is sure to be loved, whether it is for your own little bundle of joy or a gift for a friend who is expecting. Step 1: Pick the type of yarn. If you choose to knit a baby hat, you will most likely choose baby yarn.You don't have to buy a yarn that is specifically made for babies if you buy extra- soft baby yarn.Know how much yarn you need.Lighter weight yarn is used for most baby items. Step 2: Decide what color of yarn you want. Some parents don't want pink for a girl or blue for the boy.A gender neutral color is a primary color.A variegated baby yarn is a better choice than a solid color.As you knit, there are new yarns that form a pattern. Step 3: Choose the right needles. Size 6 needles are required for many baby hat patterns.If you are just beginning to knit, start with straight needles.More advanced knitters use circular needles.Determine how big your needles are.The wrong needles can lead to the hat being the wrong size.You may need to convert the size if there are metric and US sizes. Step 4: It's time to cast on your knitting. Casting on is when you start knitting by making a row of loops on one of your needles.For step-by-step instructions for casting on, see How to Knit.If the hat is not for a newborn, cast on 60 loops.Hold your needles so that the left needle has the knitting on it, the needles are facing away from you, and the yarn is leaving the right side of the needle. Step 5: A basic knit stitch is used to knit the 5 inch swath. If you are using a fine baby yarn, this will be about 50 rows.Pass the needle in your right hand through the stitch and behind the left needle if you have cast-on loops on your left hand.Wrap yarn around the right needle point.Push the top stitch off of the left needle if you want to pull the right needle off.Each knit stitch adds a loop to the needle on the right and removes one from the left.When you finish a row, you should use the knitting on the left needle instead of the needles on your other hands.Make sure you follow the knitting trail to the right as you knit. Step 6: The top of the hat needs to be trimmed off. You should decrease the length of your knitting after knitting for about 5 inches.Instead of using your right needle, use two stitches.Continue decreasing the number of stitches until you have one loop left on your needle. Step 7: Cut off the extra yarn. You should leave a long tail of yarn for sewing the sides of the hat together.The tail should be tied in a simple knot before you begin stitching it. Step 8: The hat needs to be sewed together. Attach the sides of the hat with a sewing needle or pin.Along the two sides, weave the excess yarn.Cut the tail off by tying off the end. Step 9: You need to flip your hat inside out. The stitching should be on the inside. Step 10: You can give your hat as a gift. Wrap it nicely or include it in a display that includes other practical baby items, such as a pacifier cake.

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