A baby jumper is knitted.

Baby clothing is a great way to practice knitting.You only need a single piece of fabric to make a baby jumper.The body, sleeves, and back of the jumper are knit in a garter stitch.If you want to sew the sides and sleeve seams, you need to fold the piece over.The jumper will fit babies under 6 months of age.

Step 1: Size 8 US needles and wool yarn is needed.

You will need 3 skeins of yarn in your choice of color.Each skein should be 98 yards or 50 g.You can use a few different colors or choose a multicolored yarn.You will need scissors and a large-eyed needle to seam the jumper.Use size 9 US knitting needles for casting off to make a stretchy neckline.

Step 2: Make a slip knot

The bottom of the jumper needs to be cast on 40 stitches.It's easy to stitch the next row if the stitches are loose.

Step 3: The body is 14 cm long and has a body length of 5.5 in.

If you want to make a garter stitch, knit every row.Garter stitches should be made for the main part of the body.It should be at least 14 cm before you start the sleeves.The number of rows will be determined by your knitting style and tension.

Step 4: To knit across the row, cast on 22 stitches and knit.

You need to increase the body of the jumper to begin the sleeves.Attach 22 stitches to your left needle.You should have 22 stitches with the body on your left needle.Turn the work by knitting all 62 stitches on your left needle.

Step 5: knit across the row with 22 stitches.

The other sleeve will be made with 22 more stitches.You should have 84 stitches on your left needle.To work across the row, knit each of them.

Step 6: The sleeves should be 10 cm wide.

If you knit every row, the sleeves will widen.From the beginning of the sleeve cast-on row, they should measure 4 in 10 cm.The neck can now be shaped.

Step 7: Use size 9 US needles to cast off the stitches.

Knit 31 stitches at the start of a row and then cast off 22 stitches in the center of the jumper.If you want to cast off the stitches, use size 9 US needles.It will be easier to pull over the baby's head if you make a loose cast off.

Step 8: Go back to size 8 US needles for the rest of the row.

When you cast off the neck, go back to using the smaller needles since you'll need to return to the gauge of the jumper body.Turn the work by knitting the remaining 31 stitches of the row.

Step 9: Knit 31 stitches and cast on 22 for the neck.

To work the neck, use the size 9 US needles to knit the first 31 stitches of the row.To make the back of the neck, cast on 22 stitches.

Step 10: Go back to size 8 US (5mm) needles.

You can use the smaller needles to knit the 31 stitches on the row after you've finished the neck.The tension will match the rest of the jumper.

Step 11: The sleeves have 4 in 10 cm.

Continue stitching until you've worked 4 in (10 cm) above the neck.The sleeves will be made by Garter stitching.

Step 12: Bind it off

Bind off 22 stitches at the beginning of a row and knit the rest across the row.Before knitting the rest of the stitches on the row, turn the work over and bind off another 22 stitches.Once you've finished binding off the sleeves, you should have 40 stitches on your left needle.

Step 13: There is a Garter Stitch for 14 cm.

Continue to knit every row until the body is at least 14 cm from the end of the sleeve.

Step 14: The last row should be Bind off.

Remove the 40 stitches from your left needle.Tie the tail through your last stitch.Pull the yarn tightly.You should have a piece of knit fabric that you can shape into a jumper.

Step 15: Place the jumper in a half.

The jumper needs to be put on a flat surface.The neck hole is at the top, the sleeves are even and the body is closest to you if you fold it in half.Instead of a long flat piece of fabric, the jumper should be in a jumper shape.

Step 16: The sides and sleeve seams should be sewed.

You can use the same wool yarn that you used to knit the jumper.The side pieces of the jumper should be sewed together using the thread.Continue sewing along the bottom of the sleeve.This can be done on the other side of the jumper.

Step 17: Put your hands in the ends.

Pull the yarn through the last stitch you made to leave a 2 in (5 cm) tail.Pull on the yarn to knot it after removing the needle.Use the large-eyed needle to thread the yarn through the jumper.

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