A bird.

Birds are fun, interesting and popular pets.A bird can't be treated like a dog, cat, or rabbit.Birds have to be treated carefully in many ways, and one that tends to surprise people is how to pet them.If you do it the right way, birds can enjoy being petted.

Step 1: Don't pet every bird.

Some birds like to be petted and others won't accept touch from their owner.If you want to pet a bird you don't own, you need to get to know it before you can pet it.It might be better to visit with the bird and gain its trust before touching it.Not every bird will warm up to petting.Some prefer their own space instead of enjoying it.If this is the case, you shouldn't try to force it to like being a pet.It's better to find other ways to bond with your bird, such as teaching it tricks or letting it perch near you while you work.

Step 2: You should approach the bird calmly.

Make sure it's aware that you are there.Don't just grab for the poor thing, speak to the bird first.When you first try petting the bird, make sure it's warmed up to your presence and that you know what you're doing.

Step 3: Make sure the bird is comfortable with its body language.

Birds have a wide array of communications, but it's important to read any signals you get.Is the bird staring at you as you approach?Is it pushing you away or trying to move away from you?Is it trying to bite you?The bird is uncomfortable with what you're doing and you should stop.Is the bird turning its head towards you?Is it closing its eyes?Is it fluffing up its feathers?The bird is relaxed, trusting, and comfortable with what you're doing.Which is great!

Step 4: You shouldn't pet the bird below the neck.

The golden rule is this.Many inexperienced bird owners don't realize that a lot of bird species consider touch below the neck to be a kind of breeding ritual.A lot of petting a bird around its back, wings, or tail can lead to behavioral problems later on.While this isn't the case for every bird, they prefer being petted on the head and neck more than anything.Staying above the neck is generally better.Everyone is happy that way.

Step 5: Start by touching or petting the bird's beak.

This is a good starting point and will help it to get used to you.When the bird is just starting to experience petting, be very gentle.

Step 6: The pet should not be the tail.

Birds prefer being petted against the natural direction of their feathers, rather than from the head towards the tail.It's good to keep in mind.

Step 7: Shift your touch to the sides of the bird's head.

If it still seems relaxed and comfortable, you can gently rub the skin behind its beak and sides of its head.Birds like being petted around their ears.Take care of the eyes.

Step 8: Try petting the back of the bird's head and neck when it seems relaxed and used to petting.

Birds like being scratched.Don't go lower than the neck in order to keep the bird comfortable.

Step 9: Don't be angry.

Birds need some time to get to know and trust a person before they will allow petting or other forms of affection.Once you have gained a bird's trust, they are very loyal.You'll get there soon enough if you're very gentle and patient.

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