A cathedral wedding veil is needed.

A veil was once used to signify purity at a wedding.The veil would be lifted by the husband before the ceremony to symbolize other conjugal rights.Even though veils are still worn at some formal weddings, they are not as common as they used to be.A veil that extends onto the floor at least 6 inches is called a cathedral veil and is used to follow the bride down the aisle.Although a cathedral veil requires a lot of fabric, it can be made by people with some sewing skill.You can learn how to make a wedding veil.

Step 1: There is a fabric store that sells tulle nets.

For a wide veil, use a108 inch width, and for a smaller one, 72 inch.If you want to cut it to your desired length, it is a good idea to buy up to 8 feet of tulle.

Step 2: A friend can help out during the measuring process.

Write down the measurement for how long you want your veil to stay on your head.This will be determined by your height and preference.

Step 3: The floor should be laid out along the tulle.

Place the fold toward you.This could be the same as the fold lines from the store.It's a good idea to vacuum your carpet before laying down the delicate fabric.

Step 4: It should be folded in half horizontally.

Take the right edge and align it with the left edge.

Step 5: Take the length of the veil into account.

Keep it folded.The folded in side should be cut from the left side.

Step 6: A serving platter with a curved edge can be found.

The platter should be over the left side of the veil.Use pins to mark the curve.

Step 7: Take the curve shape and put it on the left side of the tulle.

Step 8: Unfold your veil and put it on the floor.

The corners should be curved on all sides.

Step 9: Pull the right side toward the left side.

If you are making a blusher layer, fold it partially over.The part of the veil that covers your face as you walk down the aisle is called a blusher.Before folding the blusher, you may want to consider photos of veils you like.Women no longer walk down the aisle with a blusher.Many people fold it over their heads before they walk, giving them an extra layer of veil.

Step 10: Do you want your veil to be gathered at the top of your head?

Your veil will be full if you gather the entire fold when you sew.It will be on the sides if you gather it from the center.If you want to do a center gather, you should start about one-third in.If you want to do a full gather, begin at the edge of the fold.

Step 11: Attach a needle to the nylon thread.

The blusher and long layers are folded.Your gathering will look uniform if you use small even stitches.You don't need to knot the end of the thread if you leave enough thread on it.

Step 12: The thread should be pulled tighter when you are done stitching.

You want your gather to be 2 inches in width total so that you can sew it to a hair comb of the same width.

Step 13: Attach the ends of the thread to the comb.

Step 14: Stitch the gathered portion onto the top of the hair comb by threading your needle with nylon thread.

Make sure the hair comb is secure.

Step 15: There is a ribbon that you can find to edge your veil and blusher.

You may want to buy a whole roll if you need a good amount of ribbon.

Step 16: You should put your veil on the floor again.

The ribbon should be near the bottom edge of the veil.

Step 17: If you want to sew it with a sewing machine, pin it above the bottom edge so that you can.

You will come back later to get rid of the excess tulle.

Step 18: The ribbon should be near the bottom edge of your blusher.

Step 19: Use the same nylon thread as your veil to thread your sewing machine.

Carefully sew the ribbon onto the tulle with small stitches, taking care to backstitch a little near the edges.

Step 20: Take care not to sew the 2 veil layers together when sewing the ribbon onto the blusher.

Step 21: Use sharp scissors to trim the bottom edge of your veil.

Don't cut into the stitches, trim it right under the ribbon.

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