A ceramic coated car should be maintained.

Some mistakenly think that ceramic coating don't need any maintenance, since they are known for their long lasting shine.It is important to wash and apply specialist products to keep a ceramic coating looking good.There are some easy daily steps you can take to keep a coating clean. Step 1: Use guards on the buckets. There are two buckets, one for washing and the other for rinsing.Press the buckets down to the bottom until the guard hits the bucket.You don't want to accidentally rub grit into the paint coating.You can purchase girt guards at your local garage. Step 2: Add soap to your bucket. Put 5 fluid ounces of a neutral car soap into a bucket.The bubbles will rise to the top of the bucket.Make sure the soap you're using doesn't have wax in it.Wax won't do anything to a ceramic coated car and may be bad for the cleaning process. Step 3: The entire car should be washed with water from a hosepipe. Use a hosepipe to rinse the entire car.All of the car should be soaked, including the roof, the wheels, and the grill. Step 4: Using circular motions, scrub the car from the top down. From the top, take one of your clean mittens, turn it over several times, and then scrub the car in small, firm, circular motions.If the cloth becomes dry, put it back in the soap bucket and turn it over a few times.The guard should be able to catch anything that you've caught.Return a dirty cloth to the other bucket for it to be washed. Step 5: Use a microfiber cloth to clean. To clean the side mirrors, wheel arches, and other areas, use a microfiber cloth instead of a cleaning mitt.Microfiber cloths allow for more precision. Step 6: The car should be washed with clean water. To wash off soap, hose down the entire car.Look closely at the car to see if there are any spots you didn't clean well enough.Re- clean if there are any missed spots.If all the soap is washed off, the order in which you hose down the corridor doesn't matter.Water-spots are very common when car cleaning isn't done correctly. Step 7: You can dry the car with a towel or blow-dryer. If you have a towel or blow-dryer, you can dry off the outer coating of the car.Water spots will almost certainly stain the coating if you let your car air-dry. Step 8: Every 1-2 weeks you should repeat this process. The outer coating on your car will be damaged by dust, pebbles and small particles as you drive.It's not visible to the naked eye, but a regular clean is the best way to maintain the coating. Step 9: If you don't have time to wash, use a touchless car wash. If you don't have time to wash your car every week, you can go to a car wash.If you are going to do it, make sure the brushes don't touch the car.There is a strong chance that an automated car wash will scratch your coating. Step 10: The car should be examined for dirt. You should be spraying the car after the wash.If you decide to use a cleaning spray on your car, make sure to clear off any natural dirt such as grass or mud.The spray will not have an effect if there is. Step 11: The car should be sprayed with a ceramic coating maintenance spray. After a wash, spray the entire car with the maintenance spray.It's a good idea to spray behind the wheel arches. Step 12: The spray should be rubbed into the car's finish. Rub the spray around the car with a microfiber cloth.Make sure you don't miss any spots because the spray creates another layer of protection. Step 13: The maintenance product needs to be applied every few months. A spray-down doesn't need to be done as often as a wash, but it will fade away after exposure to the elements. Step 14: Book your car for a checkup. Every year you should be able to check your car in with the detailer.The car will be rejuvenated by the detailer so that it looks new. Step 15: It's a good idea to dry your car. Water spots can be caused by ceramic coating.If your car gets wet while you're driving, try to park it in a sheltered area or dry it off with a towel once you stop.The minerals in tap water result in spotting. Step 16: You should remove accidental dirt as soon as possible. Bird droppings, grass or dirt are unavoidable when driving a car.They are harmless in the moment, but should be cleaned as soon as possible.General debris can cause permanent damage to the outer ceramic shell of a car. Step 17: If you can, park in the shade. Direct sunlight can chip away at the outer layer of ceramic coating, which can cause it to crack.Try to park in the shade whenever possible.It is possible to avoid parking under trees if you can.

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