A chocolate bubble bath is possible.

Chocolate can be used for many other things.Adding chocolate to the bath helps the person who adores chocolate.It's a spa ingredient that is used to make the skin soft.Adding chocolate to your bath will give you a fragrant spa treat.Dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and chocolate fragrance oil can be used to make a bubble bath.

Step 1: Buy a bubble bath.

You will need a bubble bath to make the part of the bath foamy.Don't buy a scented bubble bath because the chocolate will give you the scent and color of the bath.Look for a bubble bath with as few ingredients as possible.There are many supermarkets and bath and body stores that sell bubble bath.There are some good brands of bubble bath.

Step 2: Dark chocolate can be obtained.

Light chocolate is not as pure as dark chocolate, which is why it is better to use.You will need three ounces of chocolate to make the bath mixture.Godiva, Lindt, and Ghirardelli are some brands of dark chocolate.The chocolate can be either a candy bar or a block.You should be able to find these brands at a supermarket.If you can't find them, look for a brand with less sugar and more cocoa.Hershey and Dove have high amounts of sugar and cocoa that makes them less pure.Dark chocolate has a lower amount of sugar than milk chocolate so it's great for bubble baths.

Step 3: into small pieces.

The chocolate can be cut into small pieces using a knife and board.You can use a food processor to speed up the process.If you chop it into squares less than an inch in size, it's okay.

Step 4: Milk can be used to create a mixture.

The chopped chocolate and heated milk will be used.You can use soy milk as a bath enriching agent.Milk can be heated in a pan or pot.The chocolate should be added to the milk.When the chocolate is melted, it will become a thicker consistency than the milk.The mixture should not be boiled.It shouldn't be bubbling.Allow a few minutes for the mixture to cool.

Step 5: The chocolate mixture and bubble bath should be mixed together.

The chocolate and milk mixture should be put in a bowl.The bubble bath should be put into the bowl.Put the contents together with a spoon.

Step 6: The bath needs to be drawn.

Start filling the bath by turning on the water.When you are satisfied with the depth, fill it.You can blend the chocolate and bubble bath mixture with your hand.You are ready for the bath.

Step 7: The ingredients are obtained.

You will have to buy bubble bath, powdered milk, and cocoa powder.Most supermarkets have these ingredients.The bath mixture should be created by almost any brand of these products.There are two brands that produce powdered milk.Unsweetened cocoa powder is produced by Hershey's and Ghirardelli.Generic brands of corn starch can be found in many grocery stores like Walmart and Target.Dr. Teal's produces a bubble bath that is 100% pure.

Step 8: Take the ingredients and put them together.

You will need a cup of powdered milk, two ounces of cocoa powder, and a small amount of cornstarch.Put the ingredients in a small bowl.Don't mix the bubble bath with these ingredients yet.Enough mixture will be produced for two bubble baths.The other half of the mixture can be kept for later use.

Step 9: The mixture should be transferred.

Once the ingredients have been mixed in a small bowl, transfer the mixture to a bag that can be tied or a container with a lid.Warm water can be added to the bag or bowl.The water and mixture have been thoroughly blended.

Step 10: Draw a bath.

If it's comfortable for you, start filling the bathtub with warm water.The bubble bath can be added to the water.When you are satisfied with the depth, fill the tub.

Step 11: Put the mixture in it.

The mixture should be put into the bath water.You can blend it with your hand or other utensil.The bath is warm and filled with bubbles.

Step 12: There is chocolate fragrance oil.

You can use chocolate fragrance oil instead of real chocolate if you don't like it.Dark chocolate, mousse, and fudge are some of the fragrances in chocolate fragrance oil.The mixture should work with almost any brand of oil you buy.The brands that make chocolate fragrance oil are Crafters Choice, Nature Garden Secrets, and Essential Oil.

Step 13: Buy a substance called glycerin.

Glycerin can be dissolved into water and alcohol.There are many benefits to using Glycerin.It can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions.You can buy it at most stores.Africare is a brand name.Generic brands can be purchased from stores like Walgreens.

Step 14: It's a good idea to buy a mild cleanser or soap.

Mild baby shampoos are used.Mild dish soaps are made by brands like Dawn.Most supermarkets have dish soap.A small bottle is all you need to lather up.If you choose to use unscented bubble bath, you should not include it in the initial mixture.Wait to add it to the bath.

Step 15: Put together a mixture.

In a bowl, take a cup of dish soap, 1/3 of glycerin, ten to twenty-five drops of chocolate fragrance oil, and two cups of water.When the ingredients are blended, you are satisfied with the consistency.Store the mixture in a container.

Step 16: The mixture should be placed in the bath.

When you are satisfied with the water level, run the bath water.As the water runs, pour a small amount of the mixture into the bath.Don't use all of the mixture at once.The rest of the mixture can be used later.The mixture should be put into the bath water.

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