You can check traffic on the maps.

Every person who loves to travel should take advantage of the application that is available on the internet.It gives reliable directions to places and detailed birds eye views of locations.If you're new to a place and don't know your way around, you can use the traffic information on the map to figure it out.

Step 1: Go to Maps on the internet.

You can open any web browser.Go to the Maps website on your computer.

Step 2: It's possible to find a specific location.

The name of your destination can be typed into the search box at the upper left corner of the web page.To quickly navigate to that area, hit "enter" on your keyboard.

Step 3: Check traffic.

Below the search text box is a small toolbar.You can see green, yellow, orange, and red on the map by selecting "Traffic" from the toolbar.Green lines indicate fast traffic while red lines show slow traffic.

Step 4: It's time to launch the maps from the internet.

You can open the app from the home screen or app drawer.If you don't have Maps on your device, you can download it from either the Play Store or the App Store.

Step 5: You will need to log into your account.

If you're opening the app for the first time, you will need to log in to your account.Email address and password are required to sign in.A map of your current location will be shown on the app screen after you log in.Simply tap the "create an account" link found on the welcome screen of the app and enter your full name, user name of choice, and password to get your account instantly.

Step 6: It's possible to find a location.

If you want to quickly navigate to a certain area, you can enter the destination's name in the search bar at the top of the app screen.

Step 7: Check out the traffic.

The menu button is located at the top left corner of the screen for theAndroid version and the bottom right corner on theiOS version.You can see green, yellow, orange, and red on the map by selecting "Traffic" from the menu panel.Slow traffic is indicated by the red lines on the roads with green lines.

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