A dog collar can be made from an old shirt.

If you want a cute way to personalize a dog collar from an old shirt, start from the beginning.You will have a cute dog collar in a few moments.

Step 1: Measure your dog's neck

Your dog's neck is the approximate size of an old collared shirt.

Step 2: Pick up the collar from the neckline.

You can cut off the collar if you want.You will need to sew a hem around the cut edge.This will prevent it from cracking.

Step 3: Button the collar around the dog's neck to use it.

Step 4: The neck line can be embellished with fabric glue.

Step 5: Glue jewels on the collar.

This is perfect for a pampered dog who loves sparkle.Adorning your pet's collar with jewels will add glamour to your daily dog walk.

Step 6: Bring the leftovers around the front of the dog's collar and tie it into a bow with a ribbon.

This will give your dog's collar a proper look.After you have buttoned the collar, be sure to do this.

Step 7: You're finished!

Your dog will have a cute collar to show off.

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