A fruit and yogurt smoothie can be made.

A fruit and yogurt smoothie is a great snack.Adding different types of fruits and sweeteners will help you achieve the right ratio of fruit to yogurt.The recipes for strawberry banana, triple berry, tropical, and cinnamon spice are in the article. Step 1: Take the fruit and slice it. You need 1 cup of fruit to make this smoothie.You can add a pile of fruit to a cup by slicing a banana and strawberries.If you like a strong banana flavor with a hint of strawberries, plan on using more banana; if you prefer a lighter smoothie, go heavier on the strawberries.You can freeze the fruit for a smoothie. Step 2: You can choose a sweetener. Some people like a little bit of extra sweet when it comes to strawberries and bananas.Adding regular sugar or honey will give you a delicious flavor. Step 3: Decide which type of yogurt to use. You need a cup of yogurt with either plain or fruity flavors.You can get either whole milk or skim yogurt.The thicker the yogurt is, the richer the smoothie will taste. Step 4: Put the ingredients together. The yogurt, fruit, and sweetener should be put in a food processor.No large chunks of fruit remain when you blend the ingredients.The smoothie has a texture.Continue Blending if you want to thin it out.Adding ice cubes to the smoothie will make it cooler. Step 5: You can serve the smoothie. You can see the pink color by pouring it into a glass.If you don't want to drink it immediately, keep it refrigerated. Step 6: The berries need to be prepared. One cup of berries is what this smoothie calls for.You can use any berry combination you want.Remove those that are bruised or soft from the berries.Remove the stems from the berries.In this smoothie, you can use frozen berries.If you're considering which berry to use, be aware that it may contain a lot of small seeds.It's better to find soft, rather than hard, skins.The skins are harder to blend. Step 7: You can mix yogurt and milk. Berry smoothies are thick and gel-like.If you mix yogurt with milk, you can make them more delicious.The thicker the smoothie is, the more fat the milk and yogurt have. Step 8: Decide if you want to use a sweetener. If you want to keep this smoothie light, you should use a small amount of stevia or Agave nectar.If you want to avoid sugar, you can add a few pieces of a very ripe banana. Step 9: You can blend the ingredients. The yogurt/milk mixture should be placed in the blender.When the smoothie has no visible lumps, blend the ingredients.Add more milk, yogurt, or ice as you please. Step 10: You can serve the smoothie. If you want to enjoy this smoothie on the run, use a to-go container or pour it into a glass. Step 11: Get fruit from the tropics. A pina colada-esque smoothie is an incredibly delicious summer treat.A cup of tropical fruits is all you need.Cut them into 1/2-inch chunks if you buy them frozen or fresh.The Pineapple Mango Papaya Guava is an excellent option. Step 12: Consider using Greek yogurt. The thick texture of Greek yogurt makes it stand out against the juicy quality of tropical fruits.Greek yogurt can be full fat or low fat.You will need one cup. Step 13: It's a good idea to use juice as a sweetener. Add 1/2 cup of orange juice, pineapple juice or mango juice to this smoothie. Step 14: You can blend the ingredients. The fruit, yogurt, and juice should be in the blender.Once they are smooth, blend the ingredients.If you want to thin the smoothie, add more juice or yogurt. Step 15: You can serve the smoothie. If you want to drink immediately, pour it into a glass.For a refreshing summertime dessert, this treat may be served in dessert glasses with a fancy straw. Step 16: Prepare fruits for autumn. This autumn smoothie can be made with an apple and a pear.It's a good idea to peel the fruit first so that you don't end up with tough skins. Step 17: You can use a cup of yogurt. The smoothie tastes best with a thick texture.A cup of yogurt with a creamy top is a good way to use it. Step 18: Spices and sweetener added. This smoothie has the flavor of fall due to the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg.Maple syrup can be used to make it sweeter. Step 19: Put the ingredients together. The apple, yogurt, spices, and maple syrup should be put in the blender.Once they are smooth and creamy, blend the ingredients.If you want to thin it out, add a little milk. Step 20: You can serve the smoothie. It should be put into glasses.Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top to serve. Step 21: Finished. Step 22: Pick out your ingredients. You'll need a box of strawberries, some banana, a container of yogurt, and some fruit. Step 23: The fruit should be sliced apart. Medium-sized slices of strawberries or bananas can be made.Remove the leaves from the strawberries.The slices will blend together in the blender if they are not evenly distributed. Step 24: Put the fruit into a container. Step 25: Take the yogurt out of the container. It should be added to the blender.It is a good amount. Step 26: Put a little less than a cup of coffee on a spoon. Put it in a container. Step 27: You can add anything you want. For example, a small amount of nuts. Step 28: The blender has a lid. It's best to mix it for about 20 seconds, or until the mixture is light in color. Step 29: Put the amount into your cup. Enjoy! Step 30: Finished.