A gift bag is a good way to give a gift.

There are many sizes of gift bags to choose from.If you buy the heavier and larger bags, they are expensive.For the next time you give a gift, make your own and set them aside.

Step 1: You can work with a material.

You can make paper bags out of many different types of paper.It is too stiff to be recommended.The paper should be cut down if it isn't the right size.Make sure it's a square.Fancy wrapping paper can be used for an extra-fancy gift bag.

Step 2: There is plain paper.

It would be a good idea to decorate the paper you are working with.This will make it look like a gift bag.Add some pretty designs to it with some paint and stencil.A simple pattern can be added using rubber stamps and an ink pad.Draw your designs with glue, then add glitter to them before the glue dries.Before moving on, be sure to dry the paper.

Step 3: The edge should be folded down to create a seam.

The paper landscape style has the designed or decorated part facing up.The top should be folded down by 1 to 2 inches.You can sharpen it by running your fingernail along the crease.Before folding it, trim the edge with a pair of pinking shears.

Step 4: The back of the paper is facing you.

The folded part needs to be against your work surface.It needs to be on the top edge of the paper.If you are using plain paper, skip this step.The edge will be on the inside.

Step 5: To make a tube, fold the narrow edges toward the center.

Overlap them by 12 inch.You can run your finger along the side edges to make a crease.Don't crease the sides if you want a more "oval" shaped bag.

Step 6: Attach the edges with tape.

Unfold the flap.There is a strip of double-sided tape along the side edge of the bottom flap.The flap should be pushed back down.To seal it, run your finger along the seam.Make sure you don't get any glue on the inside of the bag if you used a glue stick.

Step 7: The bottom edge should be folded up by a few inches.

The base of your bag will be wider if you fold it up by.Aim for about 3 to 5 inches.

Step 8: To flatten the pocket created by the fold, open it up.

You will have created a pocket when you folded the bottom part of the bag up.Take the top part of the pocket and flatten it.You can create creases by running your fingernail along the sides.The inside of the bag should show a rectangular shape at the center, making it look like a diamond.

Step 9: The tabs are folded towards the center.

There are two tabs at the top and bottom of the bag.They will overlap slightly if you fold them towards the center of the diamond.

Step 10: Attach the bottom of the bag to something.

Unfold the flap.Run a glue stick along the bottom one.You can seal them by pressing the top flap back down.

Step 11: The bag has handles on the front and back.

The holes should be 12 inch from the top edge.The sides of the bag should be closer to them.The holes can be punched through both layers of paper at the same time.It is possible to insert eyelets into the holes.This adds an element of design.

Step 12: Ribbon is cut for handles.

Cut two lengths of ribbon.Strong, cording, yarn, or twine can be used for a more rustic touch.There are colors that go well with your bag.Don't wear skinny ribbons.It won't be big enough to fit inside the bag.

Step 13: The ribbon handles should be put there.

Attach each end of your ribbon to the front of the bag.Attach the ends of the ribbon to the bag.Take your bag and put it in the back.

Step 14: If you want to make a rectangle out of the bag, fold it in half.

If you open your bag now, it will be shaped like a sack.If you want to make a rectangular bag, you should fold the left and right sides down until the base is the same width as the top.To make a crease, run your fingernail along the edges.If you want to flip the bag over, unfold the edges.You can crease the sides by running your fingernail along the edges.

Step 15: The bag needs to be opened.

Your bag is ready to use.Tuck your gift inside with coordinating tissue paper.If you need more tissue paper, fluff it out.If you folded the bag to make it a rectangular shape, you may have to adjust the folds you made.

Step 16: Work with a material.

You can make gift bags out of any type of paper you want, such as brown paper, patterned scrapbooking paper and kraft wrapping paper.Pick one that works best for the occasion.It is too stiff to be recommended.Fancy wrapping paper can be used for an extra-fancy gift bag.

Step 17: The plain paper should be decorated.

You might want to decorate the paper if you are using it.This will make it look like a gift bag.Paint and stencil it to make it look pretty.A simple pattern can be created using rubber stamps.Before moving on, be sure to dry the paper.First, draw your designs with glue, then sprinkle them with glitter.

Step 18: You can use a small box as your template.

Make sure that your gift is bigger than the paper you will be folding around it.You can use any type of box you want.

Step 19: Cut out thin cardboard and trace it for your bag.

Use a pen or pencil to trace the skinny end of your box onto a sheet of thin cardboard.Set the rectangle aside by cutting it out with a craft blade.You will put this in your bag.White cardboard can be used to match your paper.

Step 20: There are two thin strips of cardboard.

These will support the handles.They need to be about 1 to 2 inches narrower than your bag.After you cut them, set these aside as well.The top hem of your bag has these inside.The color of these doesn't matter.

Step 21: If you have to, cut your paper to size.

It needs to be large enough to wrap around your box.The side of the box needs to be wrapped as well.

Step 22: If you want to make a hem, fold the top edge down.

The top should be folded by 1 to 2 inches.To make a crease, run your fingernail along the folded edge.This will make your bag look nicer.The hem should be the same width as the cardboard strips.If your paper has a pattern on it, make sure that the blank side is facing you.

Step 23: Put the paper around your box.

If you want to overlap the two narrow ends, trim off any excess paper.Place the seam at one of the box's edges in the front, back, or side face.Double-sided tape or a glue stick can be used to secure the edges.

Step 24: The bottom of the box should be wrapped the same way you would a present.

Place the side edges of the paper against the box.The top and bottom flaps have angles on them.Attach the flaps to the box with a glue stick or double-sided tape.

Step 25: The box must be removed.

Before you remove the box, you can pinch the corners of the bag.The box can be put away.You won't be using it again after this.

Step 26: If you want, flatten the bag and make the sides crease.

Just like a real paper gift bag, flatten the bag and tuck the sides inside.To make crisp seams, run your fingernail along the edges.The seams have to be half-way down.It will add a professional touch to your bag.

Step 27: The supports should be added to the handle.

Run a glue stick or lay down a strip of double-sided tape.The front of your bag has a hem.Press the hem flat as you slide the strip inside.Attach the other strip to the back of the bag.

Step 28: The bottom of your bag should be Glued to.

Use a glue stick or double-sided tape to draw a cross on the cardboard.Press the cardboard glue-side against the bottom of the bag.

Step 29: The handles on the bag need to be punched.

The holes should be from the top edge of the bag.They should be closer to each other than to the side of the bag.Attach the eyelets into the holes.

Step 30: The handles should be cut with ribbon.

Cut two lengths of ribbon.It's a good idea to pick a color that goes well with your bag.You can use string, twine, or even yarn for a rustic touch.The knots won't be big enough to hold anything that is too skinny.

Step 31: The handles should be added.

Attach the ends of your ribbon to the front of the bag.Attach the ends to the inside of the bag.Attach the other ribbon to the back.

Step 32: The bag should be used.

Take some tissue paper with you when you open the bag.If you need more tissue paper, add it to your gift.Remove the tissue paper.

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