How safe is Clichy Paris?

How safe is Clichy Paris?

There is nothing "dangerous" about it, if that is what you mean by safe. We stayed across the street once (at Hotel Chat Noir) and the area is fine, with lots of people around at all times. It is not the most picturesque area of Paris, but convenient to a couple of Metro stops and the charm of Montmartre.

What is Clichy like in Paris?

It is true that Clichy has few formal attractions, but at its best, it is a nice stroll with charming buildings as well as restaurants and bars priced for locals rather than tourists. It feels like a small village nestled within Paris because that is exactly what it is.Jan 7, 2019

Is Montparnasse a safe place to stay?

The area is neither fancy nor struggling, and is a haven for families that live and work in Paris. As such it's a good destination for tourists looking for safe and decently-priced lodging.

Which areas of Paris are not safe?

- Gare du Nord / Gare de l'Est area in the evening (located in the 10th arrondissement) - Ch√Ętelet les Halles in the evening (located in the first arrondissement) - Northern 19th arrondissement in the evening. - Porte de Montreuil after dark (in the 20th arrondissement)

Is Clichy a safe area in Paris?

The Place de Clichy can seem a little rough around the edges, but it is pretty safe. Your transportation options from rue Nollet are actually pretty good.

Is Montmartre safe at night?

Re: Villa Montmartre Safe at night? It is probably best not to stay in the eastern part of Montmartre, but there are no problems in the central area around Sacre Coeur and Abbesses, or the southern slopes towards (but not actually on) Bvd de Clichy.

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