How To Be Cool and Popular

Being cool and popular doesn't mean walking down the halls with your nose turned up and everyone staring at you.It means being friendly, chatting with people and making them feel good about themselves.Being happy with who you are and spreading joy to others is what makes true coolness and popularity.

Step 1: Do not allow other people to tell you who you are.

It is not cool to act a certain way to make other people happy or to think you are cool.It is exactly the opposite.It is cool if you have your own thing going for you, but don't act chill or disaffected just because someone made fun of your unique style.You can definitely stop caring about what people think if you make a point of casting aside the comments that were made about you and going on about your day.People who have nothing but bad things to say are not worth your time.Don't fight back by starting rumors of your own if people are spreading rumors about you.Taking the high road will show that you have better things to do with your time than to care about what other people are saying about you.That is very cool.

Step 2: People can see you having fun.

A cool and popular person has a great time no matter where he or she is.You should make an effort to have a good time, no matter what you are doing, because you don't need to laugh like a maniac in the middle of an organic chemistry test.If you are waiting in the cafeteria line, chatting with your friends at your locker, or working in a group activity in school, you should give off a positive energy.People will want to spend time with you because of your optimistic nature.To make this easier, you should spend as much time as you can doing the things you love.No one will see you having a good time if you are stuck in detention or on your way to band practice.Developing a positive energy that makes you see the bright side of things will make you quick to laugh.Don't worry about how you come off, instead focus on being in the present moment.

Step 3: Do something you love.

You can get people to notice you by doing the things you love.This can include taking dance lessons, singing with friends, sketching, or even making your own clothes.What matters is that you are passionate about it.That passion will make people think that you are interesting and worth knowing.You will get to know more people who share your passion if you do something that you love.You can get noticed by teaching people how to do something.You can offer to teach people how to draw, play tennis, or be the best at tetherball.You will come off as cool if you teach other people how to improve.

Step 4: Wow people with your confidence

People who are popular and cool have a lot of confidence in who they are and what they do.If you are cool and popular, you don't have to brag or show off, but you should be happy when you talk about your future plans.Stand tall, smile, and speak with authority, acting like you're not trying to put on a front or down on yourself.Showing how confident you are can make you popular.Tell me about something you are looking forward to over the weekend or a movie you saw.If you want to share your ideas with people, make it clear that you are happy with what you have been doing.That is confidence.While being genuine, compliment other people as often as you can.People who are confident see the good in people and are happy to point it out.It is a good idea to introduce yourself to someone you don't know.It takes confidence to do that.

Step 5: You can rock your own style.

If you want to be popular and cool, there is no one way to dress.It doesn't mean that going to a store that is cool will make you popular.It is more important for you to wear something that fits well, looks clean, and shows off your individuality than to follow a certain style of fashion.If you like graphic t-shirts, sneakers, or earrings, just own the look and not ask other people what they think of it.Don't worry about having a perfect look.If you can pull it off, wearing clothes that are unique or offbeat can be more interesting.It's important that your clothes fit you.If you wear clothes that are too baggy or tight, you can look sloppy and make yourself look more provocative than you intended.You should shower and groom yourself daily.It will be difficult to pull off a look if you haven't showered in a while.

Step 6: Be cool for school.

If you act like you are too good for school or have better places to go, it will make you look like a boring person.If you act like you are alert and happy, people will want to be around you.Complaining, sleeping in class, or just talking about how you have better things to do won't win anyone over.It's cool to care about the parts of school that you really love, and to make a name for yourself in them, whether you're a history buff or president of the Student Council.People will not know who you are if you don't care about anything.

Step 7: Be friendly to everyone.

Cool and popular people are friendly, outgoing and like to get to know people.If you are determined to ignore almost every person you know because you deem them to be not cool enough for you, your life will be dull.If you want to be kind to everyone around you, make a point of saying hi, striking up a conversation or just generally being kind.If you want to be popular, you need to know a lot of different people.You wouldn't be well-liked by everyone if you only talked to 10 people.If you put people down or mean to them, they will think you are mean.

Step 8: Don't be afraid to talk to new people.

You might think that people who are popular only talk to the other five people in their grade, but that is not the case.People who are cool and popular are comfortable talking to people they don't know because they're confident in who they are and are always looking for ways to make their life more fun and exciting.Making the effort to talk to new people will go a long way in making you cool and popular, regardless of whether there is a new girl in town or you want to get to know a guy in your math class.When the time is right, say hi and introduce yourself.If you don't know anyone, most people will be happy to talk to you.Don't mistake shyness or quietness of a new person to be rudeness.Some people take longer to open up than others.

Step 9: Ask people about themselves.

It is possible to be popular and cool by showing a genuine interest in people.Asking them simple questions like what their favorite classes are can help you.They will be impressed by how caring and kind you are if you show a real interest in getting to know them.You should work to maintain a balance between getting to know people and talking about yourself, even if you don't want to interview them.Even if they need to be prodded a little, most people love to talk about themselves.You will become more popular if you get them talking about their favorite subject.You should not ask people questions to make them like you.You need to care about getting to know people.

Step 10: Don't talk about it.

People who are cool and popular don't need to brag about themselves because they're already happy and confident in who they are and know that other people can tell without them having to say so.You don't have to mention how great you are at French, skiing, or winning debates if you talk about the things you love to do.Everyone hates a show-off and talking about how great you are will make people think the opposite.Self-promotion isn't cool.Modesty is.If you are good at something, other people will find out, whether they see it for themselves, hear it from your friends, or read about the goal you kicked in the school paper.You don't need to broadcast your successes because they will come through.If you want to compliment other people, don't talk about how good you are at something.

Step 11: Allow other people to talk.

If you want to be popular, you should be outgoing and fun to talk to, but you shouldn't completely dominate conversations.If you want people to care about you, you should focus more on making them feel interesting and less on trying to look cool.If you want other people to like you and to think you are cool, you should make sure that they feel comfortable talking to you.Try not to talk more than 50% of the time.People don't like to stand and hear someone go on and on.Try not to dominate the conversation in a group setting.You should allow at least three people to speak before you make a comment or tell a story.You should be aware of not taking over, even though you shouldn't monitor yourself every second of the conversation.

Step 12: Common bonds are found with people.

It is possible to connect with people by finding common bonds.You don't have to have everything in common, but you should find a way to talk about things you both care about, from your love for Drake to your affection for the Oakland A's.When talking to someone you know, try to think of something you both care about, from a teacher you like to poke fun at to an after-school activity you do together.People will feel like they have more to say to you if you focus on the points of interest.Understand your audience when you talk to them.The sporty guy on your baseball team might want to talk about the Mets game instead of the brainy girl from your English class.You can learn to read body language.If the person you are talking to is shifting on his feet, checking his phone, or responding in one-word answers, he or she may want to change the topic to something that you both care about.

Step 13: Take the time to listen to people.

It is one thing to know everyone by name, and another to actually know people.It is great to know a lot of people and to be friendly to them, but it is also nice to take the time to understand what goes on inside their heads.Even though you can't get to know everyone, take the time to really listen to people when they talk to you, whether they're telling you about their weekend plans, their worries about grades, or their attire for the school dance.Cool and popular people care about people and can make them feel special.Nothing else should matter when someone is telling you something.Look into their eyes as they tell you what they have to say, and stop looking at your phone.Don't give your opinion until the person is done talking.Don't compare the situation or experience to something that happened to you, instead listen to the person on their own terms.You are not really listening if you say that sounds like my break up.

Step 14: People should not be put down to look bad.

If you want to be popular and cool, then you don't have to put people down.Being mean to people who don't have a lot of friends and who are looked down upon is one of the lowest things you can do.You can't go around degrading people if you want people to respect you.It won't make you look good or cool, but it will make other people feel better.That is not cool.It's time to find some new friends if you hang out with people who put other people down.Talk to your friends to see if they are willing to change their behavior.

Step 15: You can join a sports team.

One way to be popular is to join a sports team.There is no need to torture yourself if you hate sports and have two left feet.If you have been good at sports in the past, joining a sports team can help you make new connections, gain leadership abilities and work well with others.You will become more popular with these skills.You can meet a lot of cool people on a sports team.People who are cool and popular have a wide social circle, and it will help you expand your social network.

Step 16: You can join a club.

You can expand your social network by meeting people through clubs.You can join a variety of clubs that will allow you to explore your interests.You will be able to bond with a variety of new people.Are you talking about something you love?That is definitely cool.While playing on a sports team, you may meet a different type of person in some of your clubs.Being friends with a variety of people helps you learn how to talk to others and can help you become well-known.

Step 17: You can get involved in the community.

You might not think volunteering at a soup kitchen is cool, but you can get involved in a tutoring program at the library.Being active in your community will help you get to know a lot of different people.You will be learning to interact with a wider group of people while building your character.If you are involved in your community, you can gain experience talking to older people that can help you become more mature and knowledgeable.These people can teach you about what it means to be cool.

Step 18: A variety of interests is maintained.

If you want to be popular and cool, you should expand your interests.If you follow that route, you would expose yourself to a lot of people who are similar to you.If you want to be popular and cool, you can join the football team, but also volunteer.You don't want to put too much on your plate, but you do want not to spend your life only with one type of person.You can meet a lot of interesting people by maintaining a variety of interests.Once you befriend them, you should expand your social circle and hang out with people who are not associated with sports.Membership in a club, a sports team, or a community network can help you find and develop your talents.It is cool to have a talent.

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