How To Connect iPad to PS3

To play content from your iPad on your PS3 you'll need to use an app.You'll be able to stream content from your iPad to your PS3 if they're connected to the same network.

Step 1: Go to the settings app.

This can be found in a folder labeled "Utilities" on one of your Home screens.

Step 2: You can tap on the wi-fi.

Step 3: You can use your home wireless network.

The iPad needs to be connected to the same network as the PS3 in order to stream.Make sure you choose the correct network.

Step 4: You need to type in your network password.

Step 5: Join by tapping.

Step 6: The Home button can be pressed.

Step 7: Go to the App Store.

Step 8: The Search tab has a tap on it.

Step 9: You can search for iMediashare.

You can stream your media from your iPad to your PS3.

Step 10: You can get iMediaShare with the Get button.

Step 11: The install button is on the screen.

This will start the installation of the app.

Step 12: The iMediaShare app is available for download.

The new icon can be found on one of the Home screens.

Step 13: When prompted for access, tap OK.

You can open and send your media files to your PS3.

Step 14: You can check your streamable content.

You will be able to stream photos and videos from your camera roll, as well as music on your iPad.You can't stream videos from the store.

Step 15: Turn on your PS3.

Step 16: The settings menu is open.

The PS3's XMB is on the left end.

Step 17: Go to the network settings and scroll down.

The settings menu has this at it.

Step 18: The internet connection settings should be selected.

Step 19: If it isn't connected to your home network, connect your PS3 to it.

If you want to connect your iPad to your PS3 you need to be on the same network.If your PS3 is connected to the internet, choose wired.If you want to connect the PS3 to your wireless network, select Wireless.Select the network you want to connect to and enter the password.

Step 20: Return to the network settings menu.

After you've connected your PS3 to the network, go back to Network settings.

Step 21: The media server connection needs to be selected.

Step 22: You can choose the enabled option.

Step 23: You can use the iMediashare app on your iPad.

Make sure the iMediaShare app is open and running on your iPad if it's not already open.

Step 24: The PS3's XMB has tabs for Music, Video, and Photo.

The three categories have access to the Media server option.Select the one you want to use.If you want to show pictures from your iPad's camera roll, you can use the Photo menu on your PS3.

Step 25: From the list of options, choose your iPad.

The iPad will be listed if the PS3 is able to detect it.You can find it if you don't see it.If you've just started the PS3 or the iMediaShare app, it may take a few moments for your iPad to appear.

Step 26: You can find the media you want to watch.

You can find the media that you want to watch by scrolling down.You can open it like a folder if it's in an album.

Step 27: Press X if you want to start.

It may take some time to load from your iPad.As long as it plays, you can control it from your PS3.

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