How To Insert Gifs Into PowerPoint

An animated Gif can be used in a PowerPoint slide.You can use the desktop program available for PCs and Macs to insert and play GIFs on the PowerPoint mobile app or mobile web browser.

Step 1: You can open the PowerPoint.

You can find it in either your Start Menu or Applications folder.The Gif can't be played on the mobile app or mobile web browser.When viewing the presentation on a computer, you'll only see the animation.

Step 2: You can create a blank project or open a saved one.

Go to or create a blank project to open a previously saved project.

Step 3: Go to the location you want to add the Gif to.

There is a slide on the left side of the screen that you can use to insert the GIF.

Step 4: Click on the tab that says "Insert".

This can be found in the ribbon above the slide or on the top of the screen.

Step 5: Click to view online pictures.

You can use a picture online or include a Gif from your computer's local storage.If you choose to take pictures from your computer's local storage, you'll need to navigate to and double-click on your Gif to select it in your file browser.You can change the file formats that are displayed by clicking on something similar.Only file formats ending in GIF will appear.When you view the slideshow, the static on your slide is not a problem.

Step 6: You can see your Gif in action with a slideshow.

You can view your slideshow from the tab.

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