Is your license suspended? Here’s how to find out.

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Do you have a suspended driver’s license?It’s not a question many of us ever ask ourselves, and we assume that if our license were suspended, we’d know it.

If your license was suspended, you might not know it.There are a lot of reasons that your license might be suspended and, in some cases, no one would let you know.

If you find out about your suspended license after being stopped by the police, it can be a real problem.Let’s take a quick look at the circumstances for which your license might be suspended, why you might not know about it, and how to find out if it is.

Driving-related and non-driving related are the two main reasons for revocation or suspension of a driver’s license in the United States.Some of the most common are listed.

You might be stripped of your driving privileges if you skip school, because the state knows about it.

You’re probably thinking that no of the situations above will ever happen to you.There are a few instances where a mistake will affect your license status.

What if your insurance premium check isn’t processed in time?Is it possible to forget to inform the Department of Motor Vehicles when you move and to get an automated intersection-monitor ticket sent to your old address?It could happen.

It’s not difficult to find out if your license is suspended.There are three ways to check.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration operates a database of suspended or revoked drivers called the National Driver Register.

Information in the NDR is provided by state motor vehicle agencies, who in turn use the database to check on individuals who apply for a license in their jurisdiction.The information in the database is protected by federal privacy laws that restrict access to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and a number of federal agencies.

If you want to request this information for yourself, you can send a “privacy act request” to the NDR.There is no charge for the service.

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