MiO Energy Black Cherry Drink Mix (10 On-the-Go packets) is a water enhancer.

MiO is bad for you.It has artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, and toxic chemicals.This product should not be used.

Category ‘F’ is for things that are harmful to your health.We don’t recommend anything in this category.The long-term effects of ‘F’ items are very serious.

There are a lot of health benefits.There are few side effects.It is necessary for survival to have things rated an ‘A+’.

There are a lot of health benefits.A few harmful qualities can be associated, but only if there is an allergic reaction.

There are a lot of health benefits.Although harmful qualities are associated, they aren’t usually serious.

Even the best things in life can become bad.Overconsumption can bring unwanted effects, even if it is rated an ‘A+’.

It is very beneficial to your health.There are a few harmful qualities to pay attention to.

It’s beneficial to your health.It is possible that things rated a ‘B’ have some harmful qualities.

It is more beneficial to your health than not.It’s likely that harmful qualities are associated.

The harmful qualities typically present in ‘B’ items are the main difference between category A and category B.It is usually uncommon for serious side effects to occur.

There are two beneficial and two harmful qualities associated.Things that are rated a ‘C+’ are usually more beneficial.It’s important that moderation is important.

There is an even ratio of beneficial and harmful qualities.Moderation is important.The topics that can lean towards both sides of the spectrum will be placed here as well.Rice can be good or bad depending on the type.

It’s more harmful than beneficial.When done excessively, side effects are common.Moderation is important.

Good and bad qualities are usually referred to as Category ‘C’.It is important to remember the word moderation when it comes to this category.

It is harmful to your health.The bad most likely outweighs the good.Moderation is important.

It is harmful to your health.The bad outweighs the good when it comes to benefits.Moderation is very important.

It is harmful to your health.Few, if any, benefits are present.Things should be avoided as much as possible.

There are things that are more harmful than beneficial.We recommend eliminating ‘D’ items from your routine as a regular part of your diet.

Category ‘F’ is for things that are harmful to your health.We don’t recommend anything in this category.The long-term effects of ‘F’ items are very serious.

neutral is what ‘N’ stands for.Things placed into this category are either neither good nor bad for you, or lack the necessary evidence to reach any conclusions.

MiO is a new development in the beverage world.One small squirt of concentrated liquid can flavor an entire bottle of water.It is packaged in a small plastic bottle and comes in many flavors.MiO is owned by a food company.

MiO has four lines: Original, Energy, Fit, and Vitamins.There is a unique quality to each line.MiO Original does not have any extra benefits other than the added taste.Coffee-flavors are available in the MiO Energy line to give consumers a pick-me-up.MiO Fit can be used to replace your sports drink.MiO Vitamins wants to give consumers an extra boost of vitamins through the addition of B vitamins.MiO Vitamins has a “naturally sweetened” option.

MiO is a concentrated liquid.Depending on the specific colors added, you can find various artificial colors.

There are grave concerns about the three artificial sweeteners within the beverage enhancers.Sucralose is MiO’s primary sweetener.The process of chlorinating white sugar leads to added problems like heavy metals.The FDA approves it as 98% safe, with 2% containing heavy metals.The majority of sucralose is not absorbed by the body, which is why it is considered a non-caloric sweetener.Immune function, birth defects, and cancer can be caused by long-term use of this sweetener.It has not been studied long enough to determine the long-term effects.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding ace-K.There is no conclusive research on the effects on humans.Because it has a bitter taste, it is rarely alone.A worse reputation is often associated with this sweetener.Guilty by association?Neurological damage is a possible side effect of mice.

Products labeled as “naturally sweetened” are the third artificial sweetener.There is a sweet powder on the leaves of an herb.The product was not naturally sweetened because the sweetener was placed inside.You can’t use a label that says “naturally sweetened” if you dump a bunch of sugar in a drink.The product’s labeling is not accurate.There is very little research surrounding the approval of Stevia by the Food and Drug Administration.

Studies have linked the preservative, potassium sorbate, to compromising immunity in humans.There are many test tube studies that show a great toxicity towards human DNA.A mild allergic reaction can be caused by a form of mineral oil.