Soldiers aren’t allowed to put their hands in their pockets.

Click to see the full answer.What does it mean when someone keeps their hands in their pockets?

When someone is dissatisfied with his self image, he will put his hands in his pockets.People usually put their hands in a pocket when they are not happy with their actions.

What army regulation covers cell phone use?There is no regulation regarding the use of cell phones in military environments unless it is a classified area or an area in which a cell phone would create a safety hazard.You can’t bring a cellphone into a classified area or an area where explosives are being prepared.

You are less prepared to salute an officer if your hands are in your pockets.It is easier to subdue you if you have tight pants.

The Army does not have a specific rule on talking on cell phone while in uniform.While the Corps policy is being reviewed, Marines can use cell phones.They can’t walk while talking on the phone.