The Clear Fugitative Glue is good for credit cards.

It’s perfect for hanging posters and paper as you can re-position them when necessary.Credit card glue, booger glue and gummy glue are commonly known as temporary hold glue.It’s ideal for using in multiple applications.It’s perfect for gift baskets and magazine.

Gummy glue is a fugitive glue that is commonly referred to as Surebonder.The PSA hot melt is perfect for marketing.We use this glue to hang up notes in our cubes and offices.We think gummy glue could be used to hang up holiday decorations.

Credit Card Peelable Glue can be used on multiple marketing applications.Attach postcards, samples, credit cards, posters, etc.

Surebonder’s peelable fugitive glue can be used with the PRO 100 Specialty Hot Melt Gun.The PRO 100 Specialty Hot Melt Gun from Surebonder is a great gun for the job.The Surebonder PRO 100 has a temperature range of high or low, so you can keep your work space clean.

If you have a question about Surebonder’s Credit Card Peelable Glue, please call or email us.

I spoke to someone to find out what product was best for our project.The glue gun and glue I bought was perfect.Will use

I expected the glue to work.I bought a glue gun from your company.My life has been made easier by the glue gun and glue.Thank you.