The Mentalist – Red John’s death (6×08) is on the internet.

There is aspoiler alert!If you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode of “The Mentalist” you should not read this story.

The Sheriff was a surprise until the very end, and he died at the hands of Patrick Jane.”Red John” ends Jane’s 10-year hunt for the man who killed his wife and daughter.

It was a well-executed conclusion to the mystery that has driven the CBS series from the beginning: After shooting Red John in the stomach but not killing him, Jane strangles his nemesis to death after getting him to admit that he’s sorry for killing his family.

The camera focused on Jane’s face for the gruesome moment, and the Emmy-nominated Baker delivered a poignant sense of relief.

Bruno said that the last scene between the two of them was written and directed by Simon.The feeling that he brought to that.I think he did a beautiful, intimate killing there, because of the pressure and story that has gone by.It is hard but good to watch.

When Jane finally gets the chance to avenge his family’s death, he doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him, according to Baker.

He made that decision and it was going to happen.We didn’t know if he could go through with it or not.He got what he wanted for so long when he jumped off a cliff.He has Red John within his grasp.He doesn’t hesitate.Shutting him up is the idea when he is on top of him.Jane just wants to get on with her job.

A part of Jane dies when Red John dies.Jane and the series will move in a new direction now that the case has been closed.The December 1 episode will look at whether Jane has found a way to get what he wants.

The weight has been taken off the show and Jane is a happier person.It will be the same show, but with less darkness at the edges and more freedom to roam.Jane has a sense of possibilities.

The California Bureau of Investigations has been dissolved and its team members will be scattered around the country.Jane, who called Lisbon to tell her he was going to miss her at the end of Sunday’s episode, is not in the United States.The children of divorce were compared to the rest of the show’s characters.

He said that they were in a world that didn’t choose and now they’re in one that’s changing around them.The series will eventually return to crime-solving, but not in California.

As the creator of the show, he never considered allowing Red John to live.