Use a foam roller to stretch your back.

Many people experience back pain.Pain in your neck as well as upper and lower back can be caused by stress, anxiety, and injury.It is possible that you have back pain from tight muscles.If you want to stretch out these areas, you can use a foam roller to do it.

Step 1: You should extend your neck.

A foam roller can be used to stretch out tight muscles.It is great for stress related sore in the neck and upper back.Your upper back muscles are strong and can handle the pressure of a foam roller.A foam roller may put too much pressure on your neck and lower back.Don't use the foam roller on your neck or lower back without getting help from your doctors, such as a physical therapist or athletic trainer.Put the foam roller on top of your shoulders and lay your head on it.When you feel a stretch, allow your head to drift towards the floor.As long as you are comfortable, let your head continue to the floor.Hold for 10 seconds.You can get a massage by pushing your legs towards your head.The roller should move over your neck.When you are done, lift your head up.If you want to protect your neck, consider using a massage ball or pillow instead of a full foam roller.

Step 2: Roll over the shoulder blades.

Roll over your shoulders, neck, and upper back is one of the best ways to stretch.This applies pressure to the area.It helps stretch out the upper back and neck muscles.Put your foam roller behind your butt and sit on the floor.Place your feet on the floor.The roller should be touched by your shoulder blades.Shift your weight to the top of the roller by raising your hips.Use your feet to move your roller between your back and neck.If you want to target internal muscles in your upper back, place your hands on your chest.You have to make 20 passes up and down your neck.

Step 3: The thoracic extensions should be done.

Many people are sitting during the day.This can cause pain and injury to your neck and upper back.It is possible to stretch out your middle and upper back muscles.Put your foam roller behind you while you sit on the floor.Lie back with your feet on the floor.The roller should be touched by your middle back.Cross your arms and hold on to the roller.Touch your head to the ground.Hold for 30 seconds and get back to the starting position.You should stretch the muscles in your neck and shoulders after this progression.

Step 4: Enjoy cat and cow stretching.

You can use both yoga and foam rollers to stretch out your back.If you want to stretch out your back, try a series of cat-cows.The foam roller should be parallel to your body.Place your hands on top of it.Keeping your hands firmly on the roller, inhale as you slowly arch your upper back towards the ceiling.As you exhale, reverse the motion.Lift your head and hips up.If you want to avoid over-straining, don't force your back and neck past your range of motion.

Step 5: Your chest muscles are open.

There are tight chest muscles that cause tight back and neck muscles.This happened because of sitting forward all day.You can stretch out your neck and back by using your foam roller on your chest.Put the roller on the ground and lie down.Place your hands on the roller.You should move yourself up and down the roller.Hold for 10 seconds in places that need more stretching.

Step 6: Pull up a leg.

You can double your efforts by using the pressure of the foam roller.Lying on the roller as you pull one leg towards your knee can relieve pain and tension.Put a roller above your hips by sitting on the floor.Take a deep breath and hug your knee.Use your other foot to roll up to your chest as you pull your knee back.Then switch to the other side.

Step 7: Try stretching with the child.

Child's pose is a stretch associated with yoga.This is a great stretch.You can use a foam roller to stretch your back muscles.Place the foam roller in front of you.Put your back hips towards your ankle.If you want a better stretch, spread your knees apart.Remove your arms from the roller.It's a good idea to stretch out in your lower and upper back.You can hold the child's pose for as long as you want.

Step 8: The hip flexors need massage.

Lower back tightness isn't usually due to an issue with the lower back muscles.The hip flexors are often the cause of the pain.The foam roller can be used to massage your hip flexors.The hip flexors are located at the front of the upper thigh and pelvis.Put the foam roller under your hip flexors.The foot of the leg can be rolled on the ground, but you can hold it up with your hands.Roll your body forward and backward for 90 seconds to massage your hip and pelvis.To get the best stretch, keep your pelvis relaxed and breathe normally.

Step 9: Your muscles should be let go.

Similar to the hip flexors, tight butt muscles can cause a tight lower back.You can stretch out your lower back and glutes using a combination of foam roller and body positioning.The foam roller is underneath your butt.Put your ankle over your left knee after lifting your right leg.You should be able to feel it.Roll back and forth for 12 passes if you shift your weight onto your right hip.On the other side, repeat.

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