Use bio oil.

Since the early 2000s, Bio Oil has skyrocketed in popularity.Fans of Bio Oil claim that it works wonders in a wide range of ways, from strengthening your hair to removing your makeup.Since Bio Oil is fairly affordable and safe for most people to use every day, it may be worth a try.

Step 1: You can use bio oil on stretch marks.

The product works best on scars or stretch marks that are in the process of forming, because the ingredients are formulated to improve skin elasticity.Many users claim to see an improvement of older stretch marks and scars.More research is needed to determine if bio oil is effective for scars.Some people use Bio Oil to prevent stretch marks.It is not possible to prove that a product can prevent something.

Step 2: Rub the affected areas with a circular motion.

For smaller areas of skin, squeeze 1-2 drops onto your fingertips; for larger areas, use a half-dozen or so drops on your palm.Then massage the product into the intended area with a circular motion until it absorbs and is no longer greasy to the touch.Mineral oil is the main ingredient in Bio Oil.It takes a decent amount of circular massaging to cover a large area, and a few drops can do that.

Step 3: For at least 3 months, use it twice per day.

Bio Oil is not marketed as a cure for skin problems.If you want to get any results, you should apply the product 2 times daily for 3 months or more.It is possible to apply it after your morning shower and then in the evening as part of your sleep routine.

Step 4: Try it for dry skin.

The makers of Bio Oil mostly market it for use on stretch marks and scars, but they are willing to promote its benefits in other areas as well.With the caveat that the results will likely be less impressive, these include improving older scars or stretch marks.More research is needed to determine if bio oil is effective for scars.For at least 3 months, apply the product to the desired area twice per day.The makers of Bio Oil limit the product's official claims to a few specific areas and leave it to user testimonials to greatly expand its aura as a beauty cure-all.

Step 5: It's a good idea to watch for redness or irritation of the skin.

As an oil-based product, Bio Oil may cause problems with your skin.Some people with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation because it contains several essential oils and botanical extracts.If you stop using the product, there should be no problems within a few days.If they don't, you should consult a dermatologist.

Step 6: Rub it on the skin.

Some Bio Oil users replace their standard moisturizer with the product in order to deal with cracked skin on their feet.Try applying it once or twice per day in place of a typical moisturizer for at least a month.Since it's oil-based, a few drops of Bio Oil go a long way in covering your skin, so don't rub it on.It may take more time to rub in than typical moisturizers.

Step 7: It can be used to soothe skin after a sunburn.

Some users claim that rubbing in Bio Oil can soothe sunburns.massaging a drop or two in and around your eyebrows after plucking them will reduce pain and redness, according to others.Others say that Bio Oil is a great balm to apply after shaving.Some Bio Oil fans use it as a shave gel replacement before shaving their legs.The makers of Bio Oil don't support any of the claims.This is the reality for most of the off-label uses of Bio Oil.

Step 8: It's a good idea to add a little to your hair wash.

Add a drop or two of Bio Oil and stir it in with your finger after squeezing your normal amount of hair into your hand.It's a good idea to massage it into your hair and scalp.Since Bio Oil is meant to improve skin elasticity, it is possible that it can be used with your hair product.You shouldn't expect any results unless you use Bio Oil consistently for 3 months or more.

Step 9: Dry ends can be hydrated with a few drops into your hair.

According to some bio oil believers, it can reduce fly-aways due to dry ends.Rub your hands together and squeeze 2 or 3 drops into your palm.After showering, do this at least once daily.It can take weeks or even months to see the results.

Step 10: To keep their nails soft, massage a drop into them.

It is possible to prevent dry, cracked, or split cuticles with a little Bio Oil applied daily.Rub it in gently but thoroughly with one of the fingers on your other hand.If you do this after your shower or bath, you will get the best results.

Step 11: It can be used to reduce dark circles.

It is possible that bio oil can help diminish the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, since it is marketed as being able to reduce skin tones.Twice per day, massage 1-2 drops under each eye.Don't use Bio Oil as a quick fix.It will take up to 3 months to see any results.

Step 12: Make lipstick last longer by rubbing a little on your lips.

A drop of Bio Oil can be rubbed into your lips.It may help your lipstick to last longer before it begins to crack.You should not get a lot of Bio Oil in your mouth.A single drop, or at most 2 drops, should coat your lips.

Step 13: To create a more natural look, mix a small amount into your foundation.

If you want to give your foundation more of a sheer finish, apply some of it to the back of your hand and add a drop of Bio Oil.Put it together with your finger and apply it to your face.There are a few instances in which Bio Oil should provide immediate results.

Step 14: Try it to remove makeup.

Some people claim that Bio Oil makes a better makeup removal.Add 3-4 drops to your palm, rub your hands together, and massage the oil over your face.After rinsing your face with warm water, pat it dry with a towel.If you have a lot of makeup, you may want to start with a traditional makeup removal, then use the Bio Oil to finish the job.

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