Wanelo - Want, Need, Love,Wanelo is an app for shopping and fashion.

Wano is a marketplace that connects you to stores with the best deals on over 20 million products.1.Save a lot!60-90% off shoes, accessories, dresses, tops, swimwear, home decor and more!2.Buy with confidence.Millions of products have reviews with photos.The Wanelo Guarantee guarantees that every purchase is secure.Wanelo will show you new products every day.Wanelo learns your style when you save products you like.The more you use it, the better.Wanelo can be used to find items from 17,000 different stores.Our loyal shoppers get special offers weekly.You can earn money when you invite your friends to shop with you, because new shoppers get $5 off their first purchase.What are you waiting for?Today is the day to download the Wanelo app.

Hellooo!Happy holiday season!It is here, for real.Are you looking for gifts for your friends and family?You can find ideas on the Search tab.Did you know Wanelo gift cards exist?They can be purchased on wanelo gift cards.It is important that the gift givers in your life know about this.

I am new to shopping replicas.I have the bug.It has been the easiest site to navigate so far.The description is detailed and the pictures are plentiful.I am looking forward to seeing how the item and pictures match, but I haven't received any items yet.I think my first impression is five-star.They either don't have a quick picture of your product in detail or it takes you a few tries to get the piece that you are specifically looking for.You can hone in on the actual piece that you are looking for by grouping like-items together on this site.We already have something in mind when we shop.Once I receive my merchandise, I will write another review.I can't wait!Talk to you soon, LizLev!!

I would not be able to tell you how I give this website a poor rating if I could only give Wanelo 0 stars.I bought my item on December 29th.I received an email from the seller stating that my item was shipped on January 7, 2020 and my estimated delivery date was January 15-22, 2020.It would say your item ship on January 7, 2020.I received a reply from Wanelo stating that I was correct and that my item had no updates since January 7, 2020.He said he would contact the best seller to find out what was going on.I haven't heard anything since a week ago.I tried to email Wanelo several times after that, but I only get an automatic reply indicating that someone will get back to me within 48 hours.This was my first time shopping at Wanelo and I will never do it again.Please be careful when shopping at Wanelo.

I used to use this app a lot.For me and for gifts, I created wish lists and downloaded links to things I had bought.I used it as a dream closet, but with links so I could go back to my purchases.I have not been able to post products in over a year, so I created an alternative account to see if it was mine.It was not.Customer service and technical support came in contact with me.They reassured me that it was being worked on.It has been over a year, and multiple updates later with no solution.This app was my favorite.I will probably have to uninstall this app from my phone.The items are not real.It used to be the best of both worlds, people who wanted to post from popular stores could do so.It will be deleted from my phone.I don't recommend this app because I loved it so much.

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