Was Roe vs Wade wrongly decided?

Was Roe vs Wade wrongly decided?

Roe v. Wade ------------ Decision Case history

Who was the appellee in Roe v. Wade?

Key Players in Roe v. Wade. 1Appellant: An unmarried pregnant woman, Roe, who wanted to end her pregnancy and was denied the opportunity to do so by Texas authorities. 2Appellee: Named appellee is Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade, representing the State of Texas.

Is Norma McCorvey still alive?


Is Sarah Weddington still alive?


What happened Norma McCorvey?

Norma McCorvey died of heart failure in Katy, Texas, on , at the age of 69.

How old was Jane Roe when she died?

69 years1947–2017

When did Jane Roe die?

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